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Special Job Announcement

 Only a couple of Federal Work-Study jobs still available for 2018-19. 

Getting an FWS Job


Foothill College student jobs give you an opportunity to earn money at a job on or near campus and to work with employers sensitive to the demands of your coursework.

Types of Student Jobs

 District-funded student jobs

  • These jobs are open to any student who is enrolled in at least 12 units at Foothill College (6 units if you are a CalWorks student) and who meets the academic eligibility requirements (see below).
  • All district-funded student jobs are on campus. There are no listings for these positions. You will need to apply directly to the departments you are interested in.
Federal Work-Study student jobs
  • These jobs are only open to those who have submitted a FAFSA for financial aid and have a  Pell Grant award, a Federal Direct Student Loan offer, or a “work-study job option” message in their financial aid award letter for the academic year in which they will work.
  • You must be enrolled in at least 6 units at Foothill College to apply.
  • In addition, you must be in an eligible financial-aid status and meet the academic eligibility requirements (below) that apply to all student employees.
  • Federal Work-Study student employees can generally earn up to the dollar amount listed in their on their award letter, and can never earn more than their financial aid unmet need.
  • Learn more about the Federal Work-Study Program.

Academic Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for student employment, Foothill must be your primary college and, if you are not a first-time Foothill-De Anza Community College District student,  you must have:

  • fewer than 180 attempted units at Foothill and De Anza Colleges combined;
  • a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0; and
  • a quarterly GPA of at least 2.0 in your most recent quarter*
    *Students who drop below a 2.0 Quarterly GPA will be eligible to work as soon as they earn a 2.0 GPA or higher in a quarter in which they earn at least 6.0 units. 

How much could I earn?

Wages range from $11.00 to $16.75 per hour, depending on the position, level, and how long you've been in the job. Students can work a maximum of 19 hours per week.

  • Most students work fewer than 19 hours a week. The number of hours you work will depend on the job, how many hours you wish to work, and, if you're a Federal Work-Study employee, your FWS award.

What do I need to do after I am offered a student job?

Before you start working, you and your employer must complete and turn in the necessary paperwork. Once the Financial Aid Office receives the completed paperwork, your employer will get an email. They can then let you know that you can begin working.

Steps for new student employees

These steps apply to students who have never worked as a Foothill student employee or have not worked as a Foothill student employee within the past 3 years:

  1. Complete the Student Employment Packet (SEP) (see below). Be sure to read the instructions provided.
  2. Bring your completed SEP, along with your required I-9 documents, to the Financial Aid Office during the posted Student Employment Drop-In Hours. Student employment personnel will meet with you to complete the I-9 form. They will give you a job assignment card that your employer will complete and return to the Financial Aid Office.
If you are an international student, you must do the following before going to the Financial Aid Office:
  • Get a work authorization signature on your employment packet from the International Programs Office, and

  • If your social security number is not already in the Foothill College database (Banner), take your social security card and picture ID to the Admissions & Records Office to have it entered.


Student Employment Packet and Instructions

(Download and review both)
Steps for current or recent Foothill student employees

These steps apply to students who have worked as a Foothill student employee within the past 3 years:

In most cases, your previous Student Employment Packet is still valid. Your employer can ask us to leave a new job assignment card at the Financial Aid Office for you to pick up during office hours.

  1. Pick up (and sign) the card and take it to your employer to be completed.
  2. Return the completed card to the Financial Aid Office. When we receive the card, we will send your employer an email that will authorize you to begin working.

Can I lose my eligibility to work after I am hired?

Yes. Each quarter you work, you must receive at least a 2.0 Quarterly GPA and earn the number of Foothill units required for your current job.

  • If you do not, you will not be able to work the following quarter.  (Important note:  Courses you receive an 'F' in are not earned units.)
  • Students who continue working after dropping below their required units (or after they stop participating actively in courses needed to maintain the required units) will have to wait two quarters before they will be eligible to work again.

Will my job continue from one academic year to the next?

All student jobs end on or before June 30 of the academic year in which they begin. For a job to continue into the next academic year, a new job assignment card must be picked up, completed, and returned to the Financial Aid Office.


Attention Student Employees


Normally, the FHDA District mails your Year End Wage and Tax Statement (W2) to your permanent U.S. address.

We would like to ask you to support FHDA's committment to the environment and green technology by consenting to receive your W2 online (through your MyPortal) and not by mail.

For more information, please visit the payroll website. It is secure, convenient, and green: Print only what you need, when you need it. 

 Contact the Financial Aid Office at 650.949.7245 or fhfinancialaidoffice@foothill.edu if you have any questions.

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Building 8100, Room 8101

Student Employment Drop-In Hours Fall Quarter 2018

Please plan to sign in at least 10 minutes before the end of drop-in times. 

Day Time
Mon. 1-2 p.m.
Tues. 9-10 a.m.
Wed. none

10-11 a.m.

 If you cannot make it during scheduled hours, request an appointment by emailing Christine Johnson at johnsonchristine@fhda.edu.

  • Be sure to include your student ID number and several days and blocks of time that you would be available.

(Unfortunately, there will be times when these drop-in times must be cancelled without notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.)


Student Employment Policies & Procedures


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Students and Employees: All classes and college activities are cancelled Monday, Nov. 19, due to prolonged poor air quality. Please stay indoors if you can. Apprenticeship students: Check with your site for individual closure information.

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