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Family Engagement Matters

"Now, more than ever, there is a compelling need for parents to be powerfully engaged as advocates of improved public education for all children...This imperative is backed by 30 years of research. When parents are actively engaged, not just at home, but as advocates and decision-makers at schools and in the community, their children do better in school, and the schools get better."

The Case for Parent Leadership; Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence; Anne Henderson, Bonnie Jacob, Adam Kernan-Schloss, Bev Raimondo


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Family Engagement advances equity. Over 40 years of steadily accumulating evidence show that family engagement is one of the strongest predictors of children's school success. When family engagement is implemented effectively, families, educators, and communities work together to support families to know their power and act with certainty to effectively impact children's:

  •  Brain Development
  • Language Acquisition
  • Social and Emotional Well-Being
  • School Success
  • Graduation Rates
  • Pursuit and Persistence of Post Secondary Education

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