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Dual Capacity Programs

Youth Opportunities

The FEI intern and mentor model provides opportunities for healthy and thriving learning communities where staff develop  a deeper awareness of the community they serve and young people grow under the mentorship of experienced educators.

Students broaden their understanding of family engagement, social justice, and child development; and gain skills in communication and collaboration; critical thinking; growth mindset; cultural sensitivity; and leadership. Opportunities include the Child Development Academy and summer internships at a high quality early childhood program, Stretch to Kindergarten, and year-round internships where Foothill College students, committed to working with their community, assist faculty and staff with all aspects of programming from office work to community-based work. These experiences open doors for first generation students to build 21st Century skills essential to workforce development.

"My Internship was an eye opening experience. I learned so much from the children and families. They taught me the importance of culture, self-identity, and most importantly, the power of education."

- STK High School Student Intern

CDA student with STK children


Child Development Academy

Foothill College's  Child Development Department offers a high-quality program that is designed to deepen the student's understanding of children and their families and become introduced to developmentally appropriate practices when working with young children as a rewarding career.

In a highly interactive, 7 week fast paced program, with the best practice instruction and field experience, students will quickly become part of Foothill College Child Development community. Students will earn 11 to 12 quarter units of Child Development coursework required by childcare liscensing. Students will be supported in applying for California Assistant Teacher permit and will experience real life in the filed working with young children in a local children's progam.






FEI mentored 400 first generation youth

First Generation Youth gain knowledge, skills and tools to be more successful in their personal and educational lives. As a result of FEI:

First Generation Youth Developed (2017 Sample):

  • Communication & Collaboration: 95% - 100% agreed they learned new strategies to work as a team; had opportunities to give and receive feedback;
  • Critical Thinking, Decision Making & Creativity: 94% - 97% agreed they improved decision-making skills; innovative ways to brainstorm solutions and consider multiple perspectives;
  • Growth Mindset & Initiative: 94% - 100% agreed they are better at seeing mistakes as learning opportunities; more reflective learners; inspired to work harder to pursue dreams;
  • Cultural Sensitivity & Social Justice: 94% - 100% agreed they feel more connected with people of varied backgrounds and cultures; are more interested in educational equity issues; are making a difference in their community;
  • Leadership: 92% - 99% agreed they are more likely to be a leader in their community; learned ways to support their family, school or community; have more confidence in themselves.

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