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Families & Parenting

Families & Parenting

Families receive support, education, and opportunities to incease awarensess of their critical role in thier children's healthy development and school sucess and engage in systems change work to transform their schools, neighborhoods, and communities in positive ways.



FEI provides family workshop series in the program areas of:

  • Strong Start, Parenting
  • Fatherhood/Male Involvement
  • Healthy Choices
  • Family Literacy
  • STEAM Family Learning Labs
  • Pathways to College
  • Family Leadership
Strong Start, Parenting

FEI provides a range of parenting classes for families with young children through adolescents. These classes typically focus on examining the role of family in the lives of children. This includes such topics as identifying goals and dreams, reflecting on values, culture and traditions through family stories, establishing developmentally appropriate routines and strategies for discipline, communication, strengthening the home and school connection, and identifying family and community resources.

Fatherhood and Male Involvement

This is a two part series that emphasizes the importance of male involvement in the lives of children and families. The workshops cover the ages and stages of child development, effective communication, guidance, and interactions that cultivate positive role models, build confidence as a caregiver and strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Healthy Choices

Healthy Families is a series of classes that focus on both emotional and physical family wellness. Workshops emphasize nurturing healthy choices for building healthy relationships and healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Topics include how to meet the emotional needs of children, the essential keys to feeding, reading nutrition labels, and promoting healthy family activities. Some workshop series include hands-on cooking and recipes so that families can practice making healthy meals.

Family Literacy

Parents and children learn together in a supportive environment to foster the joy and discovery of books in this read aloud, family literacy series. Children will read age appropriate books and practice their reading skills. Parents will connect with other parents and learn strategies to help build their own reading skills as well as those of their children. Families will spend time browsing books and reading together and creating activities and games to take home to support a child's lifelong love of reading. Families will receive a new book to grow their family home library.

STEAM Family Learning Labs

The family learning labs focus on digital literacy: basic computer skills, internet safety, educational games and websites, and family math: basic math skills, family math games, and math resources. The curriculum is developed as a series of courses that are designed to include parents/primary caregivers and children learning together and focuses on building computer and math skills. The first component of the series is beginner and intermediate level computer literacy courses. The second component of the learning labs includes a math component designed to cover general math concepts that will be reinforced through hands-on exercises and games that students will develop to practice both in the classroom and at home.

Pathways to College

The Pathways to College Program is a college information course for families with students in middle school and high school that details the importance of family support in successfully enrolling and graduating from college. This class includes visits to local universities and hearing from first generation college students who have been successful in pursuing a higher education to help inform FEI families, many of whom have never been on a college campus. The class includes information about two and four-year college eligibility, financial aid information, and the benefits of having a postsecondary degree through collaboration with Foothill's College and Career Connections office. We want our families to have an opportunity to attend college regardless of their knowledge about college culture, or other linguistic or financial barriers.

Family Leadership

Leaders for Change is a Parent Services Project family leadership training program based on the Strengthening Families Five Protective Factors, factors that have been shown to strengthen families, promote optimal child development and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. The training curriculum aims at strengthening parents'/families' knowledge, skills and capacity to build relationships with others, take greater leadership roles in their communities, and engage in the systems serving children and families.

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