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Dual Capacity Programs

Dual Capacity Programs

Family Engagement & Parenting


FEI offers families with children in preschool through high school, affordable and accessible continued educational opportunities that are developmentally, culturally and linguistically responsive in seven content areas through Noncredit College Parenting Classes:

  • Parenting (Preschool to College)
  • Leadership Development
  • Family Literacy
  • Fatherhood Male Involvement
  • Healthy Choices
  • STEAM Family Learning Labs

Early Learning

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Stretch to Kindergarten (STK) has been a cornerstone high quality school readiness program of FEI since 2010 designed to strengthen the home-school-community connection through embedded and integrated family engagement and bridge the articulation and alignment of curriculum and best practices across the continuum of early learning. STK is a tuition-free, 6 plus week spring-summer intensive program for families of low-income with preschool-aged children entering kindergarten. The purpose of STK is to cultivate strong, enduring partnerships among families, schools and the community that give children, especially those without preschool or quality preschool experience or children with special needs, the skills and support to successfully transition into kindergarten. STK provides a proven high impact early childhood educational experience that prepares families for kindergarten and beyond.


STK provides and educational experience that will help prepare families for kindergarten and school.

  • Stretch to Kindergarten (STK)

Youth Engagement

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FEI remains committed to supporting communities to strengthen their capacity to build engagement strategies that ensure they are healthy and thriving. The FEI intern and mentor model supports this vision and provides opportunities for learning communities where staff develop deeper awareness of the community they serve and young people grow under the mentorship of experienced educators in quality environments. We believe this is the best model to sustain the healthy and successful development of students and communities. Youth opportunties inlcudes:

  • Youth Internships
  • Enrollment in Credit and Noncredit Courses at Foothill College
  • Navigating College and Resources to Support the College Experience
  • Mentorship & Coaching for School and Workforce Readiness

Professional Development & Coaching


FEI works closely with its partners to customize professional development, technical assistance, and coaching to maximize the learning opportunities for families and professionals, together to build strong partnerships in realizing the influence of family on children and youth learning and development.

  • Dual Capacity Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Cultural Competency
  • Dual Language Learners
  • Science, Technology, Engerineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)

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