Facility Rental General Information

Please allow at least four (4) weeks for the facilities office to process your request. Applications received for the
following quarter shall be held for processing until the schedule of classes for that quarter has been published
and in-house facility designations have been established.

Rental Policy Information

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Download the Application/Book Venue

You can begin the rental process by clicking on the Book Venue button below to reach our applications page.
If you need further information prior to booking, please contact Susan Traynor via email or at (650) 949-7057.


Facility Rentals

Contact Info

General Facility Rental:
Susan Traynor
Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator
Phone: 650.949.7057
Fax: 650.949.7375
Email Susan Traynor

Fine Arts/Theatre Rental:
Christy Moore
Phone: 650.949.7011
Email Christy Moore

Facility Information

Rental Process