My Favorite Things

These are some of my favorite things on the web. Some have to do with Geography. Some don't. All are a good way to pass the time. Enjoy.

Association of American Geographers - A comprehensive site that includes information about what you can do with a Geography degree and many great links

BAAMA - The Bay Area Automated Mapping Association's home page. This is the primary professional GIS group in the San Francisco Bay Area. Links to local jobs, hints for landing jobs and additional professional information.

Google Earth - A virtual earth with high resolution satellite images, georeferenced web links and more.

California and Nevada Recent Earthquakes - USGS site listing recent quakes in the region. The earth is always in motion!

IDB Database - Population age pyramids for all the countries of the world with projections for 25 and 50 years. Every pyramid has a story behind it!

Pandacam - Say hello to the giant pandas of the San Diego Zoo.

Falconcam - Peregrine Falcons have nested since 2003 on top of the PG&E building in downtown San Francisco. They have also established themselves in San Jose. Look out pigeons!