ESLL Classes

Foothill College offers six levels of academic English for non-native speakers. We also have a noncredit class for students who finish ESL classes in adult education programs.

Take Online Advanced Grammar Review (ESLL 248) This Fall

Starting Fall 2017, our ONLINE Advanced Grammar Review course (ESLL 248) will be taught by David McCormick.
Note: The start date for this course will be one week after other classes have begun. This allows students extra time to enroll without missing the first week of instruction. 

Watch a video to hear course instructor David McCormick explain benefits for taking this class online.

  • All students who need additional English support to succeed in college academic programs are welcome to register.
  • Students work online each week when and where it is convenient for them.
  • The instructor will personalize lessons to meet the needs of each student to improve grammar in the context of writing and speaking, as needed.

This elective course can help prepare students for the English placement exam, or it can support higher-level ESLL students as well as those already taking advanced English courses required for degree or transfer (such as English 1A or 1B). This course will help improve grammar when writing and speaking in "content" courses like history, psychology, business, etc.

Change in Course Sequence

IMPORTANT: Effective summer 2015, a new course, ESLL 249: Advanced Reading, has been added to Level 5 and must be taken concurrently with ESLL 25: Composition & Reading.

Also Level 6 course ESLL 26 is no longer a prerequisite for ENGL 1A and may be taken instead of ENGL 1A — after ESLL 25 and ESLL 249 are both completed with passing grades.

  • Click on the Course ID link listed below to view a description of the course. 
  • Enrollment in these courses are by placement. Visit the Placement Testing website for more information about taking placement tests.
ESLL Core Sequence

LevelCourse IDs and Titles
Sequence Requirements
6 ESLL 26 Advanced Composition & Reading
ENGL 1A Composition & Reading
After successfully completing ESLL 25 and ESLL 249, you have a choice to take either ESLL 26 or ENGL 1A.
ESLL 26 meets a requirement for transfer to a CSU and/or completion of a local associate degree.
is required for transfer to any UC. Consult a counselor about transfer requirements for a specific university.
5 ESLL 25 Composition & Reading
ESLL 249 Advanced Reading (new effective Summer 2015)
Level 5 core courses must be taken together in the same quarter. Download the ESLL FAQs (PDF) if you have already completed ESLL 25.
4 ESLL 236 Advanced Grammar
ESLL 237 Basic Composition Skills
Level 4 core courses may be taken concurrently. Both classes must be completed and successfully passed before moving to the next level.
3 ESLL 226 High-Intermediate Grammar
ESLL 227 High-Intermediate Reading Skills
Level 3 core courses may be taken concurrently. Both classes must be completed and successfully passed before moving to the next level.

ESLL Support Courses

LevelCourse IDs and Descriptions
Sequence Requirements
5 ESLL 246 Applied Grammar & Editing Skills These courses are designed to support students taking ESLL 237, 25, 26 or English 1A or English 1B. Support courses are not required to be taken in sequence.
5 ESLL 247  Advanced Vocabulary Development for Reading & Writing
5 ESLL 248 Advanced Grammar Review
4 ESLL 235 Listening/Speaking for Academic Purposes
3 ESLL 228 Developing Language Skills for International Students 

ESLL Noncredit Courses

All noncredit courses may be repeated as many times as needed.

LevelCourse IDs and Descriptions
2 NCEL 421 Intermediate English as a Second Language I
2 NCEL 422 Intermediate English as a Second Language II
2 NCEL 423 Intermediate English as a Second Language III

NCEL 411 Advanced-Beginning English as a Second Language I

1 NCEL 412 Advanced-Beginning English as a Second Language I
1 NCEL 413 Advanced-Beginning English as a Second Language I

Level 1 is for students who already speak English with conversational ability. Students who have never studied English or do not speak English with conversational ability should enroll in ESL courses offered by the Adult Education departments of their local high school districts.

Here are four. Click on the name of the school to go to its website.

  1. Mountain View-Los Altos Adult Education
  2. Sunnyvale-Cupertino Adult and Community Education
  3. Santa Clara Adult Education
  4. Palo Alto Adult School