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Steps for Success

Summer College Readiness Program

This five-week summer EOPS program prepares you for college in a relaxed academic setting so that you can experience:

  • an introduction to the EOPS program and services provided
  • instruction that sharpens your study skills for academic success
  • Q&A with current EOPS students and alumni
  • an orientation to campus resources
  • a fun and social transition into college

You qualify for the Summer College Readiness Program if you:

The program includes sign up for three courses:

  • CNSL 275: Road to College Success: More than Just Books (1 unit) Required EOPS program orientation
  • CNSL 5*: Introduction to College (1.5 units) Non-GE; UC/CSU Transferable
  • CRLP 55: Lifelong Learning Strategies (3 units) This course will provide you with practical skills that are valuable for college survival. FHGE: Lifelong learning; CSU Transferable

* If you have previously completed CNSL 5 or SPED 8 you are exempt from taking this class.

How to Sign Up

Please contact April Henderson at 650.949.7206, or visit the EOPS office in the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) room 3600.



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Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) Room 3600