ENGR40 is an overview of modern energy systems and future clean energy technology, and the first course in our emerging energy program. Be the energy leader on your block, explore energy careers, and help usher in an era of clean energy technology.

You'll learn about the case for clean energy technology and the critical role of energy efficiency in meeting our future energy and green house gas reduction goals, how modern electrical utility systems work and the role of fossil and other fuels in the global energy system. Other topics will include: photovoltaics and solar power, wind and geothermal energy, fuel cells and energy storage, clean transportation solutions such as electric vehicles and hybrid technology, and the integration of renewable and distributed energy resources into the power grid.

You'll also learn about smart energy, including demand response, integrated demand side management, energy management, and building system controls while exploring the emerging field of building science and performance engineering.

The course will wrap up with an introduction to megacities, future urban solutions for a rapidly growing world, and integration of energy, water, agriculture, and transportation.

Activities include tours of power systems as well as laboratory demonstrations and exercises for each topic, and how-to guides for performing rigorous energy audits.

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