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DREAMers and UndocuALLY

Safe Campus Spaces

Foothill is committed to providing a “Safe Campus” for all students through our resources and services.

As a Foothill student, you are never alone. We are here to help you in our designated safe spaces, as well as through financial aid support, academic counseling, and referrals to off-campus support services.

Safe Spaces

It helps to talk with someone and get support when things seem overwhelming.

These on-campus locations are considered safe spaces.

Please come see us to get the support you need!


Key Departments 

Family Engagement Institute 

Visit the Family Engagement Institute (FEI) to learn about the latest on resources and support for our Dreamer and Undocually Program here at Foothill College!  

  • Building 5400
  • Phone: 650.949.7463
  • See the FEI website to learn more!

Financial Aid

Visit our Financial Aid Office to get the latest information on financial support for DREAMERS, AB540 and DACA changes, Dream act applications, and scholarships for undocumented student.

  • Building 8100
  • Phone: 650.949.7245
  • See the Financial Aid website for upcoming workshops and other events and news.

Counseling Center

Academic counseling is available to go over educational plans and transfer applications. Counselors can help with concerns on how the recent election may affect transfer for DREAMERS.



Define American - Foothill College Chapter

Join the Define American - Foothill College Chapter to build community, start a dialogue about the American identity, and to make the U.S. a more inclusive place for immigrants!

The Foothill College DREAMers and UndocuALLY program is administered by the Family Engagement Institute (FEI).

Please contact us 650.949.7463 or fei@foothill.edu with questions or for more information.

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We're Here to Help!

Family Engagement Institute



Student Resource Center, Building 5400 Room 5420


All Spring Classes Delivered Virtually

Spring starts April 13. All classes will be delivered virtually.

Questions? Email fhgethelp@fhda.edu. Visit Virtual Campus Website

All Spring Classes Delivered Virtually