Welcome to Foothill College C3MS Curriculum Management System
Publicly Available Resources

Our students and the general public can view a large amount of the information that Foothill Faculty and Staff have created using the CMS system.

The updates faculty and staff make will appear in areas such as our: While the general public has access to most of our data, the public cannot view private data designed for Foothill faculty and staff use only.

Faculty and Staff Resources

These resources are only available to users with approved authorization. A password and login identity are required for each of these services. Please contact the Program Office or the Web Team for additional information.

Main C3MS Editor Items:

  • Program Curriculum Sheet Editor
    The Program Curriculum Sheet Editor allows faculty and staff members to edit curriculum sheets for submission to the program office.

  • Course Outline Editor
    The Course Outline Editor allows faculty and staff members to edit their course outlines online.

  • Footnotes System Editor
    The Footnotes System allows authorized users to edit the footnote descriptions that are displayed in the searchable schedule.

  • Department Header Editor
    The Department Header System allows authorized users to edit the department header detail that is displayed in the searcahable schedule.

  • Proofing System Editor
    The Proofing Schedule is designed to offer a quick electronic view of the changes you've made to the schedule.

  • Green Sheet Editor
    The Green Sheet Editor allows faculty and staff members to edit their green sheets online.

  • OSCAR and Articulation System
    The OSCAR and Articulation System is designed to offer access to our Articulation officers.

  • Division Faculty/Staff Directory Editor
    The Faculty Staff Editor is designed to allow division and department administrators to edit all of the records in a division or department. Individuals with CMS access can use this system to edit their individual listings.

  • Custom Database Editor
    The Custom Database Editor is designed to offer access to special or unique databases that are managed by faculty and staff members on our campus.

  • Individual Faculty/Staff Directory Editor
    Edit your personal record using the Individual Faculty/Staff Directory Editor.

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