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Inter Club Council (ICC) and Clubs

Club List


In order to be a club during campus shutdown, all clubs are required to activate/reactivate through this form once throughout the school year. Before filling out this form, look at All Past/Current Club List with Account Balances to make sure that the club doesn’t already exist. If the club is not active but has been in the past, you can reactivate it. If there is not a club that suits your needs, you can start your club from scratch by activating it. See list of clubs below.

Activate / Reactivate Your Club

Club Meetings

All club meetings are currently held virtually.  See Winter 2021 active club list to contact ICC representatives for how and when foothill college students are able to join their club, each club membership requirements are typically in their constitution. Please check back periodically as we update the list after new clubs activate or reactivate.


ICC Weekly Meetings

A voting representative from each club attends and votes at the Inter Club Council (ICC) meetings, held Tuesday at 3 p.m., chaired by the Vice President of ICC.  Check back for virtul meeting information. 

(ICC reps are typically elected or appointed by their club depending on what the club agrees to stated in the constitution. They present the club’s paperwork and are expected to report what happens at the club at ICC.)

Questions? Contact Erin Ortiz, ICC Advisor/Student Activities Specialist for more information at email


Recent Club List





Campus clubs are funneled through and funded by the Inter-Club Council (ICC) through the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) OwlCard quarterly basic fee. Each club is required to send a voting representative to the weekly ICC meeting to maintain voting and account access.


ICC meets on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. For Zoom access, email Erin Ortiz at

Campus Center

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Fatai Heimuli, ICC Secretary

Our ASFC Office is open virtually.

Student Activities Office Contact

ERIN ORTIZ, Student Activities Specialist and ICC Advisor


  • M-TH: 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m.