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Each campus club funded by the Inter Club Council (ICC) is required to send a voting representative to the weekly ICC meeting.

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Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: Toyon Room in Campus Center (Room 2020)


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ICC Purpose: Approximately 70 clubs are active quarterly, and over 250 chartered campus clubs in Foothill's history have catered to a wide variety of student interests: athletic, career, cultural, departmental, honors, political, recreational, religious, service, social and special interest. A voting  representative from each club attends the ICC meetings, held Tuesdays at 2 p.m. in Toyon Room (Campus Center 2020), chaired by the Vice President of ICC with the Student Activities Specialist as the advisor. The ICC Rep. is a student leadership position and reports to and from ICC and the club and is the paperwork presenter for funds and events. Clubs promote campus participation by co-sponsoring the nine-month Heritage & Health Series, planning and hosting club events and fundraisers, attending the quarterly Club Days, and volunteering in the community and on-campus. Clubs are supported and sponsored by the ASFC. Club of the Year competition, quarterly Club Days, free rentals of Foothill facilities and audio-visual and event equipment. Advisors are employees who agree to be at meetings and events while overseeing the financials with our accountant. Being in a club or being an elected/appointed club leader can make you more competitive on your college transfer apps. & resume. Club leaders and members learn, practice, and enhance soft skills such as basic business practice, bugdeting, commitment, event recruitment, leadership, marketing, paperwork, parliamentry procedure, politicing, public relations, Roberts Rules of Order, speech communication, and time management. For more information please visit the Club Handbook and Campus Website at All advisors' emails are

Accounting Club To promote interest in the accounting profession Wed Noon-12:50pm 3201 Lisa Drake
Anime Club Unite Foothill students through the common interest of anime Mon, Thu Mondays noon-2pm&Thursdays 2-4pm 5609 on Mondays & 5610 on Thursdays Ikuko Rakow
Anthropology Club To foster interest in the field and in the community Mon Noon-12:50pm 3101 Tim King
Badminton Club Allow students that are interested in badminton to come play       Paul Ponleithner
Business and Entrepreneurship Club To gain useful everyday skills that will allow students to engage with the business world Wed Noon-12:50pm 3015 Laurence Lew
Campus Ideas Club A community for studets to discuss ideas about how to improve students' experience on campus       Lisa Collato
Chinese Christian Fellowship Share Christ love with students       Erwin Widiarta
Chinese Students Scholars Association We dedicate to help new Chinese students in all kinds of aspects. Fri 1-3pm 4602 Sue Wang
Circle K International Service, leadership, fellowship Thu 4-5pm 8403 Douglas Threet
Clay Bodies To provide a constructive environment for creative expression       Avny Ruble
Computer Science Club Study CS outside the classroom Tues 3-6pm 5602 Thomas Riordan
Dead Air Club Connect students to radio program and help ICC       Eric Johnson
Dental Hygiene Reactivation of Dental Hygiene Club       Phyllis Spragge
EOPS Club To connect the community of EOPS and those in the club academically and socially       Lily Luu
Enactus Club We believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others to create a better world       Laurence Lew
Engineering Club We inpsire and teach Foothill students about engineering and make demonstrations for the Physics Show Fri Noon-1pm 4714 Frank Cascarano
Foothill American Chemical Society To encourage and promote chemistry to become chem-professionals Fri Noon-1pm 4813 Kathleen Armstrong
Foothill Beats Communicating culture through the mutual language of music       David McCormick
Foothill Business Investment Club To help students get insights of what investment is       Malkiat Sandhu
Foothill Cog-Sci Club  Bringing awareness to the cognitive science of Artificial Intelligence Tues 1:30-3pm 4302 Konstantin Kalaitzidis
Foothill Economics Club To explore past and current economic events through discussion, presentation and lectures Wed Noon-12:50pm 3308 Malkiat Sandhu
Foothill Honors Connection Club To connect Honors students to each other Tues 3:30-4:30pm 4302 Samuel Connell
Foothill Respiratory Therapy Club to educate students about respiratory therapy.       Brenda Hanning
Foothill Taiwanese Association To promote Taiwanese culture       Rachel Tai
Fund the Future To fight global poverty       Brian Evans
Future STEM Leaders of America To provide a forum of acadamia, knowledge, and leadership for all the STEM subject matters       Rosa Nguyen
Gay Straight Alliance Empowering Foothill's LGBTQIA community and provide safe space and support Wed Noon-12:50pm 3305 John Fox
Glee Club To inspire the love of music, bring people together, and use our voices to make a gorgeous sound       Janis Stevenson
Global Medical Brigade Introduce students to public health, international aid and fundraise for service brigade   Karen Erickson
History Club A place for history enthusiasm to gather, watch historical films, and relax. Wed Noon-12:50pm 3304 Steve Batham
Hong Kong Student Union Provide a platform and community for international students from Hong Kong and to promote Hong Kong culture       Dixie Macias
International Student Connection To unite students on campus       Josh Pelletier
"Intervarsity" To create a safe place to explore faith and ask questions       Steven McGriff
Japanese Culture Club To create a safe place to celebrate Japanese culture Wed Noon-1:30pm JCC Ikuko Rakow
Jewish Student Union A resource for Jewish students on campus, and for all students to learn about Judaism       Steve Batham
Journalism Cub To provide the student body with relative news and perspectives       Judy Walgren
Korean Student Union (KSU) To share Korean culture and support Korean students as a community at Foothill Community College       Park Lee
Math Club Provide a place for math enthusists to bond and learn Fri Noon-3pm 4221 Young Hee Park Lee
Medition and Mindfulness Club To meditate and destress       Clifton Der Bing
Neuroscience Club To introduce neuroscience into our everyday life       Gillian Schultz
Social Justice Project To provide a safe place for students to get involved in social and political events Mon Noon-1pm 3306 John Fox
Students Chapter of NAVTA (SCNAVTA) To promote the field of veterinary technology Tues 4-5pm 8507 Sandy Gregory
Students Supporting Israel (SSI) To advocate for the diverse country of Israel and discuss media coverage in the Middle East       Paul Starer
Table Tennis Club To provide studnets a place to play table tennis, exchange and improve skills through training and games       Tom Liner
Transfer Club To help students with transferring by providing them with all necessary information       Josh Pelletier
Philosophy Club To have open discussions       Mona Rawal
Pre-Law Club To give pre-law students a community to learn and grow Wed Noon-12:45pm 3301 Mark Harmon
Psychology Club To share psychology thoughts within the campus       Eta Lin
Volleyball Club To provide an opportunity for all students to play and share their passion towards volleyball       Neha Arora
We Care Club A community club sences to community Thu 2-3pm 3203 Mark Bauermeister
We for She  To advocate for gender equality for women Thu Noon-12:50pm 3307 Fountainetta Coleman
Werewolf Club To practice logical thinking in a relaxing way through playing Werewolf, a popular Chinese competition Fri 1-3pm 4606 Sue Wang
Wisdom Club To get students together and help them solve their problems with wisdom and ideologies Wed Noon-1pm 3204 Shani Robins
Women in STEM To empower women pursuing a STEM field       Sarah Parikh
*Please note this list is updated weekly while ICC allows clubs to activate/reactivate/recommit in the first five weeks (not summer).          

Each campus club funded by the Inter Club Council (ICC) is required to send a voting representative to the weekly ICC meeting.

Download 8 Steps to Club Success

Day: Tuesdays
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: Toyon Room, Campus Center (Room 2020)
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