Teaching by Classified Staff

It's Not Just Possible...It's Happening!

Did you know that every quarter, some of your classified colleagues at Foothill, De Anza, and Central Services teach part-time, some of them in this district? It's true, and you can become one of them. Read on to discover how.

Do I Need a Master's Degree?

It depends. Each subject has its own requirements as specified by the state of California. Academic subjects like math and English have the highest education requirements, usually a Master's degree in that subject or one that's closely related. Vocational areas like computer science and travel careers are often more flexible, requiring knowledge and skills, however they were acquired, rather than formal education. Each division office should have a binder with a listing of the minimum qualifications to teach each subject. Ask to see it.

Teaching in Other Districts

Classified staff who have an interest in teaching are always free to apply for part-time teaching positions in other districts, and some of our members teach on evenings or weekends at other colleges. This is the same as taking any other job outside of your normal district work hours, whether it's selling paint at Home Depot or completing tax returns for H&R Block. As long as it doesn't prevent you from doing your regular classified job in a satisfactory manner, the district doesn't object and you don't even need to inform anyone.

Teaching in Our District

Teaching in our district is a bit more complicated because of overtime law. The district interprets current California state law to consider multiple work assignments within the district as cumulative for overtime purposes. In other words, the district is worried that if you have a full-time, 40 hour per week classified job, adding a part-time teaching assignment will require payment at overtime rates. As a result, the district requires any full-time classified staff person who teaches to temporarily reduce his or her classified position by the amount of the teaching assignment.

Why Teach?

If you have thought about pursuing a full-time teaching position, teaching part-time is an excellent way to confirm your interest and aptitude. It will allow you to hone your teaching skills before applying for a full-time position, and it will improve your prospects of being hired for a tenure track position in this district or another. If you love your staff position and have no desire to ever leave it, part-time teaching can still provide some desirable variety to your district work.


Top of page June 29, 2017