Employee of the Year 2008-2009: Helen Kikoshima

Helen embodies all of the attributes of an exceptional classified employee. During her many years of service, Helen has been consistently capable, dedicated, honest and caring. She is always asking how can we make our processes more user friendly and effective for students. Helen has worked in several different areas of campus and she develops such positive relationships with supervisors and co-workers that they all keep in touch. In her current position as administrative assistant in the distance learning program, she works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that all goes smoothly. Helen creates a positive and efficient work environment wherever she finds herself. Managers acknowledge these attributes by promoting her to new and more challenging positions. Her colleagues acknowledge these attributes by sharing their respect for her, and by unanimously choosing Helen for this prestigious award.

Administrator of the Year 2008-2009: Denise Swett

Many adjectives are mentioned when commenting on Denise's many talents. But the threads that tie them all together are the threads of vision, a high level of competence and mutual respect. Denise came to the wonderful working environment of the Middlefield Campus, and could have done well by keeping the status quo. But in her unique fashion, she worked tirelessly to research options, apply common sense and expertise, and include all parties involved to create a dynamic and growing program of which all of us are enviable. She embodies all of the attributes in an administrator that we admire.


In photo (from left to right): Art Hand, Judy Gucker, Sindy Olsen & Mia Casey

Summer 2008 Employee of the Quarter: Mia Casey

As Special Assistant to the President, Mia makes all of the big campus events phenomenal! She is the person we all go to when we want advice on making something creative, and helps anyone who asks. She goes above and beyond through her efforts on the job and on the Basic Skills and Sustainability initiatives on campus.

Fall 2008 Employee of the Quarter: Art Hand

For many years Art has served his colleagues, and the campus as a whole, as Chief Steward for the classified bargaining unit and as Library Technician. Art has integrity, a wealth of knowledge, great respect for others, and is always ready to help.  But just as importantly, we cannot think of Art without reflecting on his keen wit and unique sense of humor!

Winter 2009 Employee of the Quarter: Judy Gucker

As Administrative Assistant to the Tutorial Center, Judy Gucker is known on campus as a key individual providing significant support for student success. But Judy goes beyond the expected and personalizes that assistance, whether it is coordinating special arrangements for a student, or organizing (and making contributions to) events that highlight student success. In addition, Judy has taken on additional responsibility in her area by filling in wherever needed, but most recently in the absence of the Director.

Spring 2009 Employee of the Quarter: Sindy Olsen

Sindy is a dedicated Division Assistant for the Fine Arts Division who has supported three different administrators, faculty and students with extraordinary effort and energy. She has volunteered for training and hiring committees, has coordinated events to raise morale in the department and has contributed her expertise in accounting to assist the division in a multitude of ways. She even personally brought in a collection of picture frames to showcase student art. Sindy does all of this with a great sense of humor and compassion.


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