Mission & Milestones

It shall be the mission of the Classified Senate to work in partnership with faculty and administrators to provide students with the support needed to achieve excellent educational experiences and learning opportunities by promoting excellence in all aspects of support provided to the college community, and especially to staff.

During 2012-13, the Foothill Classified Senate has:
  • Created the first Program Review for Classified Senate and turned it into an AUSLO (Administrative Unit, Student Learning Outcome). This included the first time ever request for release time for Senate President and President-Elect.
  • Second year for Classified Senate President on stage with Colleagues and District Board members for Graduation ceremony.
  • Eleven Classified Staff were half the total attendance of the Student Equity Committee meeting chaired by the College President.
  • Academic Senate asked for Classified Senate support and representative for committee work to draft a College-Wide Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Former Classified Senate President nominated for the 2012 League for Innovation Rouche Award for Excellence. This award recognized leadership and outstanding contributions to higher education.
  • Classified Senate bridged a gap with our Central Services and DeAnza College by TRI-hosting Classified Staff Professional Development FLEX day, attended by over 200 Staff.
  • Classified Staff presented a workshop on Creating AUSLOs at the First Annual California Community College Classified Senate (4CS) "Gathering of the Senates" for Northern California, held at Santa Rosa Community College. Senate Representatives also attended.
  • Proposition 30 passed; we all throw our hands in the air with gratitude and relief! Classified staff took a HUGE cut in positions with this budget crisis.
  • Worked continually at Senate meetings on wording for Program and Discontinuance Policy
  • Received positive comments in the State Accreditation Committee Report on how active Foothill Staff is, not only with the college, but with the Accreditation Process.
  • Classified Senate President and Past President gave and opening day workshop on the benefits of Classified Senates and their Union working well together.
  • Senate President gave monthly reports at the District Board meetings, resulting in increase in Senate image, relationship and transparency.
  • Senate representation on the Operations Planning Committee, weekly meetings, increasing to two/three meetings a week as budget deadlines near.
  • Classified Staff had attended Annual Lobby Day at the Capitol of Community College in Sacramento along with Faculty, Administration and Community College Advocates.
  • Senates created successful Training and Team-Building Retreats at the start and end of Academic Year for all 20 Senate Representatives.
  • Accreditation Co-Chairs (Classified and Academic Senate Presidents) attend the California Accreditation Conference.
  • Pizza parties held at last quarterly Senate meeting, with gifts and vendor discounts.
  • 4CS President Elect for 4CS is a Classified Staff member.
  • 4CS North Vice-President is a Classified Senate Representative.
  • Resolution No: 2013-001 (see below)

California Community Colleges Classified Senate
Resolution No: 2013-001

Resolution urging Brice Harris, in his capacity as the California Community College Chancellor to revise the Professional Development Task Force Recommendations to reinstate Recommendation Three with a two day minimum participation (replacing the five day minimum).

WHEREAS, existing law requires the Board of Governors to establish and carry out a consultation process with institutional representatives of California Community Colleges to ensure their participation in the development and review of policy proposals; and

WHEREAS, recent legislation known as the Student Success Task Force Recommendations includes new professional development goals that have significant impact on classified staff; and

WHEREAS, the California Community College Chancellor's Office makes decisions that informs and guides actions taken by the Board of Governors; and

WHEREAS, current professional development opportunities for classified staff are inadequate at; and

WHEREAS, classified staff work schedules are controlled and influenced by supervisors; and

WHEREAS, classified staff need critical training to serve students to the best of their ability in order to contribute significantly to student success initiatives; and

WHEREAS, professional development opportunities need to be offered on a consistent basis to ensure the system-wide improvement that was the intent of the original legislation; and

WHEREAS, the removal of the mandatory provision by the Chancellor's Office, in effect, removes the assurance that these opportunities will be available for classified staff; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the California Community College Classified Senate urges Chancellor Brice Harris to revise the Professional Development Task Force Recommendations to reinstate Recommendation 3 to include a minimum of two mandatory days of professional development for classified staff and administrators.

President California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS)
Maureen Chenoweth


During 2008-09, the Foothill Classified Senate has:

  • Continued to provide classified representation on campus governance committees
  • Coordinated classified participation in Administrator Evaluations
  • Created a scholarship for students
  • Established a welcoming committee for new employees
  • Joined with Central Services and De Anza College to provide a joint classified staff retreat for the 400 plus employees of the district
  • Planned to update the Classified Employee Handbook
  • Provided activities to recognize staff during Classified Appreciation Week
  • Provided leadership for the newly formed accreditation teams
  • Provided professional development workshops at the annual Opening Day event
  • Reestablished an office for Classified Senate
  • Sponsored 5 students to attend the Brian Copeland Theatre Event
  • Updated the Constitution and Bylaws

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