Conference Funding

2009-10 Funding Available!

Classified Staff Conference Funding
For several years, a limited amount of conference funding has been made available for Foothill classified staff to attend work-related professional conferences. The Senate will pay up to $150 towards a conference with a limit of two requests per person. You may attend more expensive conferences if your department or division will make up the difference. For more information or to obtain an application, call or email Denise Perez: (650) 949-7256. You can find a downloadable application on the Professional Development page.

SEIU Conference Funding
As of Winter 2006, SEIU negotiated a larger fund for travel and conferences: $15,000 per year for Unit 1 members at the Foothill campus. Per-conference spending limits will be a bit higher as well at $500 and $1000, depending on whether the conference is local and single-day. In the meantime, continue to apply for conference funds in the usual fashion through Denise Perez. See for more information on ACE.

Classified Staff Conference Application Forms


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