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Leadership Summit

Early Childhood Leadership Summit includes a full day of workshop choices, keynote speaker, networking and resources for directors, head teachers, program coordinators and others who are leaders in the field.

Directors RoundTable

Early Childhood Directors RoundTables are designed to provide professional support, networking and resources for directors, head teachers, program coordinators and others who are leaders in programs for young children. Participants gain knowledge from the experience of others in similar situations and share their own ideas.

Lending Library

Early Childhood Leadership Lending Library offers early childhood leaders opportunities to borrow materials for use in their own centers. Professional journals, books, audio and visual materials are available for check-out. Free to Early Childhood Leader Institute members.

Quarterly Directors Newsletter

Quarterly Directors Newsletter provides information about upcoming events and topics and tips for directors.

Mentor Training
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Mentor Training provides early childhood leaders an opportunity to grow professionally by developing mentoring skills in working with beginning teachers, parent volunteers and other staff who will benefit from mentoring support to grow professionally. CHLD 86A: 4 quarter units.

ECLI people

Leadership Retreats

Leadership Retreats will provide a relaxing, networking and time out opportunity for early childhood leaders to meet others with similar challenges. Selected discussion topics will enhance professional growth and time will be provided for one-on-one discussions as well as large group interaction.

Professional Growth Seminars
Fall Quarter Weekend class 1 unit
LEADERSHIP IN ACTION:How Effective Directors Get Things Done

Fri., September 26, 6:00 pm-9:50 pm
Sat., September 27, 9:30 am-5:30 pm

Guest Speakers and Panels

Guest Speakers and Panels panels on topics of interest such as building enrollment, dealing with burnout in the field, licensing regulations, using technology to improve business advantage, career advancement, grant writing and website design. Foothill College credit units available.

Tours of Area Children's Programs

Tours of Area Children's Programs offer participants opportunities to view various examples of children's environments and curriculum philosophies to gain inspirational ideas for their own program development.