John Schaffert, M.S.
Chemistry Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division
     (650) 239-3626

Foothill campus
Office Hours:
M,W 11:00-noon in 4125 (let me know if you're coming; else I will go over to the lecture room at 11: 30)

** CHEM 30B-01 CRN: 20068 FALL 2017; Mon, Wed 12:00 noon room 4302 (Labs are Wednesdays)**

Wednesday 11/22
-turn in Exp 6 report (and do Post-lab6 online before 11am. see below)
-ch 20 Bio Energy (will be on Quiz 3 as far as we get in lecture Wednesday)

Recommended text problems:
HW19 #26,38,39,49,56,58,59,66,68,69,75,94.
*Note for #58&59 (and answers in back), change “uncompetitive” to “noncompetitive”
HW23 #32,33,34,36,38,49,54,55,59,60,62,66,68,69,72.
HW25 #31-ab,33,36,41,42,45,46,49,56,57,65,66,67,73,80.
HW20 #10,22,30,31,32,41,43,44,47,53,54,56,62,64,72,74,76,89,93.

1. There are no labs next week - only LECTURES Monday AND WEDNESDAY.
2. You will need to turn in Exp 6 Wednesday in lecture and do Postlab 6 online. (don't forget to staple your filter paper with labeled spots with dimensions to the BACK of your report.)
3. a PARTIAL study guide for some of the chapters of midterm 3 is posted below. A week before the midterm the complete study guide for midterm 3 will be posted
4. Quiz 3 will be on Monday at 12:00 pm on chapters 19,20,23,25.


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