Associated Students of Foothill College

ASFC Athletics Board

Howard Chong
Vice President of Athletics

Name: Howard Chong

Office: Campus Center, Room 2011

The Vice President of the Athletics Board shall:

  1. Serve as the chief executive of the Athletics Board of Directors.
  2. Serve as a voting member of the ASFC Campus Council.
  3. Be a member of the President's Cabinet.
  4. Be an Ex-Officio voting member of all Boards, Commissions, and Agencies, which are represented on the ASFC Athletics Board.
  5. Serve as a student representative on at least one shared governance committee.
  6. Assume such other duties as may devolve to their office, or as may be assigned to their office by the ASFC Campus Council or Presidents Cabinet.
  7. Implement projects for the intramural board that benefit the students of Foothill College.
Appointed Positions

Athletics Chief Editor
1. In charge of the regular publication of Athletics Newsletter.
2. Aim to promote sports seasons, Foothill College top players and also raise awareness to ongoing Athletics business.
3. Be a voting member of ASFC Campus Council.
Athletics Event Director
1. Assist in planning and coordinate Athletics Board Events.
2. Must be at all Athletics events; overseeing and coordinating events, set-up, and clean up.
3. Assistance with events on and/or off campus.
4. Recruit actively agents.
5.Be a voting member of ASFC Campus Council.
Athletics Finance Director
1. Attend Budget Commission meetings.
2. Meet with ASFC Accounting every week.
3. Give budget updates at Athletics meetings.
4. Establish the Athletics quarterly finance sheet.
5. Serve as a voting member of ASFC Campus Council.
Athletics Marketing Director
1. Focuses on marketing Athletics Board.
2. Attend Marketing Board meetings.
3. Developing the Marketing strategy for each quarter.
4. Overseeing implementation of the Marketing strategies
5. Market the teams and team members in order to bring more recognition to the athletics
6. Ensuring that the marketing objectives are reached.
7. Manage social media presence of the board and direct marketing tools to improve social media reputation and recognition.
8. Serve as a voting member of ASFC Campus Council.
Athletics Sports Liaison
1. Act as the primary point of contact of all sport teams on campus providing support and assistance to them as required.
2. Correspondence with sports teams and coaches concerning issues related to sport and athletics activities across campus.
3. Act as primary point of contact for updates on the team results or season training programs.
4. Facilitate involvement on campus for team members.
5. Support the development of partnerships between the athletics department and ASFC.
6. Be a voting member of ASFC Campus Council.

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