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Laureen Balducci
Laureen Balducci, Associate Vice President, Student Services; and Acting Dean, Student Affiairs and Activities

Building 8100, Room 8104

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Mon.-Thurs.
8 a.m. - 3 p.m., Fri.

Closed on Fridays during Summer

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Office of Student Affairs & Activities


Student Affairs and Activities provides experiences beyond the classroom that reinforce classroom instruction and complement academic learning, promote appreciation of cultural diversity, improve the quality of campus life, protect relevant rights of students, and contribute to building a sense of community on campus.


The Office of Student Affairs is the administrative office over Student Activities, student government (ASFC), Student Accounts, the Campus Center including food services, and the annual commencement ceremony.

Student Affairs & Activities Staff Directory

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Judicial Affairs

The Student Affairs office also manages liability issues that arise on the Foothill campus. It provides information including procedures regarding formal student grievances; the College student conduct, due process and student discipline; student rights and responsibilities; the Foothill College Academic Honor Code; and other student and legal issues.

Thom Shepard is the dean of Student Affairs & Activities, and is the "Grievance Officer", and the administrator over discipline and due process. Please call his assistant, Katherine Fortune, at (650) 949-7241, if you have any questions, would like reference material, or to make an appointment to speak with the dean. Below are links to basic information about student and student-employee issues.

President's Letter To All Students
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Basic Information About Student Issues, and Student-to-Employee Issues
Community College Law and Policy Links
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General References
  1. Board Policy Administrative Procedures: Discipline and Grievance Procedures
    Click on the above link, then look for:
    AP 5520 - Student Due Process and Discipline
    AP 5530 - Student Grievances

  2. Student's Right to Know

  3. Student Handbook, the Foothill College student handbook provides you with
    information about student rights, protections, responsibilities and much more.

  4. Foothill College Course Catalog (see front sections on "College Policies")
    –available at the College Bookstore

  5. eprint
    ePrint Stations are located throughout the campus. Stations are currently located In;
    Campus Center Dining Room, 2300
    Smart Shop Room 2016,
    Media Center Room 3600,
    PSME Center Room 4213,
    PSEC Building 4400 and
    KCI Building 4000.