Katherine Davidson-Sprado, M.A.
Anthropology Instructor

Business and Social Sciences Division
     (541) 868-5667

Foothill campus
Office: Your Course Chat Room
Office Hours:
Monday 9-11

Online Only

Course information:
ANTH 001 Physical Anthropology
ANTH 005 Magic Religion, and Witchcraft
ANTH 008 Archaeology

Paleopathology, human evolution, human genetics, field archaeology and survey, shamanism, art, biking, gardening, plant genetics, bird watching, avian behavior and genetics.

UCSB BA Anthropology: trained in Physical, Cultural, and Archaeology. Graduated with High Honors and Distinction in the Major.

UCLA Masters in Biological Anthropology. Thesis on the biomechanical effects of tumpline use on the mastoid and how mastoid changes affect the use of skull morphology for use in sexing.

Personal Quote:
"Love is only a dirty trick placed on us to achieve continuation of the species." -William Somerset Maugham

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