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Foothill College Online Veterinary Assistant Certificate Program

Q: What is the Veterinary Assisting Certificate Program?

A: Entry-level education and training for those interested in starting a career in animal care and veterinary assisting, volunteers, new un-registered staff. In-service continuing education and training for non-certificated veterinary assistants currently working in a veterinary facility. Stepping-stone into the AVMA accredited Veterinary Technology Program for those interested in becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT).

  • Inexpensive, convenient, online, high quality orientation, in-service education, and training for entry-level staff.
  • Veterinary assistants and receptionists - Upgrade your knowledge and skills if you are currently working in a veterinary practice.
  • Partner with us! Learn as you work. We provide the structure, accountability, and deliver the educational content and enhance your practical on the job training.

Q: What are the Required Courses

A: This online certificate program prepares for employment or upgrades knowledge and skills as a Veterinary Assistant or Receptionist in only 12 Weeks! Receive a Certificate of Completion in Veterinary Assisting. The student will take VT 52A and VT 88A during the first summer session and will continue with VT 52B and VT 88B during the second six-week session. Students must enroll for all 4 courses during summer registration.

Early summer session runs June 10th - July 21st (1st 6 weeks)
Second six weeks runs July 22nd - Sept 1st. (2nd 6 weeks)

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Q: What is the Cost of the Program

A: The program is very affordable! Pleases see the Fees page for a complete breakdown of Foothill Fees. The entire certificate course consists of only 13 units.
Textbook cost approximately $85.00.

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Q: What are the Qualifications/Prerequisites

A: You must be a high school graduate or hold a GED to register at Foothill College.
The student must be able to read, speak, and write in English. Program content requires the application of basic math, technical reading, and both written and verbal communication skills.
No veterinary office work experience is required for the Online portion of the curriculum; but in order to complete the internship requirements of the certificate program, the student must work as a volunteer or paid employee at least part time (7.5 hours per week) in a veterinary hospital/ animal shelter under the supervision of a Registered Veterinary Technician or a licensed Veterinarian.

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Q: How do I apply?

A: To apply to Foothill College and Register for class go to: /admissions.php
To view the Current Schedule, see the Online Searchable Schedule
For questions contact Kathy DePaolo, R.V.T: or (650) 949-7818

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