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If you have questions regarding course requirements, you may contact:

Q: Where are the EMT classes held?

A: At Sunnyvale Center at 1070 Innovation Way, Sunnyvale, CA  94089.  Visit the Sunnyvale Center website for more information.

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Q: How long is the EMT Program and when can I start?

A: the EMT program consists of four classes, EMS 52/ 52A and EMS 53/53A. In addition, a third class (EMS 50) prerequisite class must be taken. You may begin the 3-quarter sequence in any given quarter, but you may not take EMS 50, 52 or 53 concurrently.

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Q: When are regular EMT classes held?

EMT and EMR classes are usually held in the evening but may be held during the day. Please go to to foothill.edu/schedule/ for quarterly class information.

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Q: How much does it cost to complete the 3-quarter (EMS 50, 52, 52A, 53, 53A) class sequence?

A: EMS 50 is a 5 unit class. EMS 52 is a 5 unit class. EMS 52A is a .5 unit class. EMS 53 is a 5.5 unit class. EMS 53A is a .5 unit class. The overall cost is approximately $1200, which includes tuition, books, outside vendor material fees, and standard basic fees. Non-resident tuition is additional. Please go to foothill.edu/reg/fees.php for more specific information. Fees are subject to change without prior notification.

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Q: Do I need to file a special application for the program?

A: No. You only need to apply with the regular college application, meet the prerequisite requirements and register at the appropriate time as listed in the schedule of classes and on this web site.

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Q: Is there a prerequisite I need before I enroll?

A: The prerequisites for the EMT program:
  • EMS 50 or similar First Responder Course, or equivalent class work/experience as determined by the Program Director. In addition, either the American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer card or the American Heart Association CPR for the Health Care Professional card must be obtained.

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Q: When is the EMS 50 class offered and how do I enroll?

A: EMS 50 is offered every quarter quarter during the evening, but may also be offered during morning hours.

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Q: How can I contact the EMT instructors?

A: Contact Charlie McKellar, EMT Program Coordinator at (408) 745-8022 if you have questions or to leave a message.

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Q: What are the job prospects as an EMT?

A: The availability of jobs can depend on where you apply to (ambulance, hospital, fire station) and the county you apply in. Please check with your local EMS agency for additional information. Their website can be found at: http://www.emsa.ca.gov/ for more information.

Q: I see on the online schedule that there are some non-credit classes (EMS 400, EMS 401/401A, and EMS 402/402A). What are these classes? What are the benefits/drawbacks of taking the credit -vs- non credit class sequence?

A: The three quarter non-credit class sequence (EMS 400, EMS 401/401A, and EMS 402/402A) covers the exact same material as the three quarter credit class sequence (EMS 50, EMS 52/52A, EMS 53/53A). The benefit of taking the non-credit class sequence is that you don't pay the per-unit Enrollment Fee/Basic Fee (go to foothill.edu/reg/fees.php for more information), thus saving you money. However, non-credit classes are non-transcriptable, so these classes won't appear on any official transcripts you may order. Furthermore, you aren't allowed to switch from non-credit to credit, or credit to non-credit.

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