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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Christine MangiameliF Division Admin Asst (650) 949-7349eMail
Kathleen AustinF Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director (650) 949-7304eMail
Shirley TreanorF Director of Health Science (650) 949-7619eMail
Kathleen DuncanF Biological Sciences, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7404eMail
Karen EricksonF Professor, Biology (650) 949-7413eMail
Kenneth HorowitzF Instructor, Dental Hygiene Program (650) 949-7545eMail
Bonny Wheeler, MA, CRT, ARRTF Radiologic Technology Instructor (650) 949-7563eMail
Maureen MacDougallF Instructor, Veterinary Tech Program (650) 949-7468eMail
Martin MeliaF Biology Instructor (650) 949-7128eMail
Cara Miyasaki RDHEF, MSF Director, Dental Assisting Program and Dental Hygiene Instructor (650) 949-7351eMail
David SauterF Director, Environmental Horticulture Program (650) 949-7427eMail
Phyllis Spragge, RDH, MAF Dental Hygiene Director (650) 949-7467eMail
Daniel SvensonF Instructor, Environmental Horticulture Program (650) 949-7402eMail
Rachelle CampbellF Director, Radiologic Technology (650) 949-7469eMail
Lucinda HirahokaF Director, Primary Care Program, Stanford Med Ctr (650) 498-4474eMail
Gillian SchultzF Associate Professor (650) 949-7292eMail
Patti ChanF Dental Hygiene Clinical Coordinator 650-949-7330eMail
Lisa SchultheisF Biology Instructor (650) 949-7780eMail
Jenene Key, BS, MA, CRT, ARRTF Instructor, Radiologic Technology (650) 949-7593eMail
Nanette SolvasonF Dean, Biological and Health Sciences (650) 949-7730eMail
Brenda HanningF Director, Respiratory Therapy Program (650) 949-7466eMail
Judy Yamamoto, RDH, MSF Dental Hygiene Instructor (650) 949-7480eMail
Truc Nguyen, RDAF Dental Assisting/Dental Hygiene Clinic Office Manager 650-949-7335eMail
David HusemanF Director, EMS Programs, EMR, Emergency Med. Responder, EMT Emergency Med. Technician and Paramedic (408) 745-8031eMail
Amy EdwardsF Biology Professor (650) 949-7041eMail
Angela SuF Pharmacy Technology Director (650) 949-6121eMail
Fred TovarF Stanford PCA, Director of Student Affairs, Assistant Director of Admissions 650-725-6959eMail
Lio FranciscoF Stanford, Primary Care Program, Admissions Coordinator Primary Care (650) 725-6959eMail
Mike DiefenbachF Instructional Facilities Coordinator, Horticulture & Veterinary programs (650) 949-7185eMail
Lisa A. EshmanF Program Director (650) 949-7203eMail
Sara CooperF Assistant Professor, Biology (650) 949-7595eMail
Jeff SchinskeF Biology Instructor (650) 949-7128eMail
Shaelyn St Onge ColeF Veterinary Technology Instructor 6509497818eMail
Dadbeh RouhbakhshP Biology Instructor (408) 314-6314eMail
Zenaida (Pia) Lirag, DDSP Dental Hygiene Instructor 650-949-7369, cliniceMail
Lisa BjerknesP Instructor, Biology 650.949.7249eMail
Joyce Bettencourt, RDH, MAP Dental Hygiene Instructor (650)949-7999x4001eMail
Catherine Kornegay, RDH, M.A.P Dental Hygiene Instructor (650) 949-7335eMail
Kathleen Murphy, RDH, MAP Dental Assisting & Dental Hygiene Instructor 650-949-6335eMail
Karl Peter (Retired 3-31-14)P VT Program Director, Retired eMail
Larry MillerP Instructor Respiratory Therapy (650) 380-0625eMail
Elizabeth ShelleyP Instructor, EMT 650-949-6955eMail
Jennifer KurushimaP Biology Professor Use EmaileMail
Nicole MarkelzP Biology, Biotechnology Instructor Use EmaileMail
Kristina Zekos OrtizP Professor 650-949-7466eMail
John ChewP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) use emaileMail
Stan BaldwinP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) use emaileMail
Cuong SunP Paramedic Instructor use emaileMail
Barbara (Bryn) HomsyP Professor 650-949-7427eMail
Gina BacigalupiP Instructor 650-949-7427eMail
Angie MartinezP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) use emaileMail
Kelly ZeytoonianP Instructor, Veterianry Technology 650.275.3091eMail
Margaret GeringerP Part time instructor 650-949-6955eMail
Michael YoungP Instructor, Environmental Horticulture 650-949-7204eMail
Richard MosleyP Instructor, Viticulture use emaileMail
Sandy GregoryP Instructor, Veterinary Technology 650-520-8436eMail
Katharine TerryP Veterinary Tech Instructor and Internship Coordinator (650) 949-7999 x4033eMail
Marilyn ChildressP BA, RT, RDMS, Clinical Associate Diagnostic Medical Sonography (650) 949-7304
Ann NorthrupP Horticulture Instructor 650-949-7402eMail
Marisa WalkerP Dental Hygiene Instructor 650-949-7335eMail
Eloise ReedP Dental Assisting Program Part time instructor 650-949-7335eMail
Jennifer Leicht, RDH, BSP Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4009eMail
Renee Herold, RDA, CDA, CDPMAP Instructor 650-949-7335 weMail
Francis NiccoliP Instructor, Environmental Horticulture 650-592-9440 x102eMail
Thomas LassP Instructor (925) 408-8596eMail
Anne AlderkampP Instructor, Biology Use EmaileMail
Anne SandovalP BS, RDMS, RVT, Clinical Coordinator Diagnostic Medical Sonography (650) 949-7304
Nicole McSweeneyP BS, RDMS, RDC, Clinical Associate Diagnostic Medical Sonography (650) 949-7304
Alven ChengP BS, RT, RDMS, RVT, Clinical Associate Diagnostic Medical Sonography (650) 949-7304
Cathy Draper, RDH, MSP Health & AHS instructor (650) 949-7335eMail
Janet SchlechterP Part time instructor 650-949-7335eMail
Snehal MohileP Pharmacy Externship Coordinator/Instructor 650-949-6940
Armita EnsaniP Respiratory Therapy Instructor 650-949-7249eMail
Kristen MerrimanP Respiratory Therapy Instructor 650-949-7249eMail
Robert KingP Respiratory Therapy Instructor 650-949-7466eMail
Xiaosu ZhangP Respiratory Therapy Instructor 650-949-7115eMail
Jennie (Becky) JacobsP Biology Instructor (831) 345-2759eMail
Neha AhoraP Instructor, BIOLOGY 650-949-7413eMail
Bev LustigP Instructor, Radiologic Technology Program use emaileMail
Nirmal GosaviP Biology/Biotechnology Instructor use emaileMail
Phil HawkinsP Biology/Biotechnology Instructor use emaileMail
Hilary BentonP Biology Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4012eMail
Jim WyattP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) use email
David MayfieldP instructor 650-949-6988
Jarod MiddletonP Paramedic Instructor use emaileMail
Brent PrimroseP Paramedic Instructor use emaileMail
Maria Matyska-PesekP Biotechnology Instructor (408) 288-7634eMail
Dayna Hashimoto BaraoP Adjunct Professor 650-949-7335eMail
Libby FloresP (408) 270-6479eMail
Joel LevisP Medical Director, Paramedic use emaileMail
Brian AlexanderP Instructor 650-949-6972eMail
Diane DeNagelP Instructor 650-949-6121eMail
Linda VaughnP V P & Dean of Academic Affairs, South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium (408) 223-6730 officeeMail
Neelam JhaP Instructor 650-949-6121eMail
Jacqueline WestP Registered Veterinary Technician eMail
Parisa Mousavi ShafeiP Professor Mousavi 650-949-7249eMail
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