Team History & Achievements

2009 Mens Tennis Team

2009 Men's Tennis Team
Photo by Gino De Grandis
2012 Highlights
  • Dixie Macias named Mens California Coast Conference Coach of the year (4th time)
  • California Community College Rankings, Team #2

All Coast Conference Team 2012
Tobias Galskov
Alex Johnston
James Kong
Ramon Martinez
Nicola Bacelic
Gabino Sanz

California Community College Rankings/Honors
Tobias Galskov Singles # 1
Doubles # 4
All American Team
Ojai Singles Finalist
State Singles Champion

Alex Johnston Singles #2
Doubles #4
All American Team
Ojai Singles Champion
State Singles Finalist

James Kong Singles # 8
Doubles #10
All American Team

Ramon Martinez Singles #6
Doubles #10
All American Team

Nicola Bacelic Singles # 93
Doubles # 32

Gabino Sanz Singles #34
Doubles #32

Rayadi Surya Singles # 75

2011 Highlights
  • Coast Conference Team Champions (third year)
  • Ranked number 5th in the state.
  • California State Mens Coach of the year (3rd time)
All Coast Conference Team
Alex Johnston Singles Champion
Ramon Martinez
Ricky Hui
Rayadi Surya
Francisco Laranjinha
Goncalo Campos
William Fuentes
Hicham Larhnimi
Oscar Diec
Renan Modesto
Takai Tuionetoa
Jimmy Jea
California Community College Rankings/Honors
Alex Johnston Singles #3
Doubles #5
All American
ITA Rookie Of The Year
Ramon Martinez Singles #18
Doubles #5
All American
Ricky Hui Singles #32
Doubles #26
Rayadi Surya Singles #73
Doubles #52
Francisco Laranjinha Singles #75
Doubles #26
Goncalo Campos Singles #92
William Fuentes Doubles #52

2010 Highlights
  • 2010 Dual Team record  14-3
  • Coast Conference Team Champions
  • Ranked number 2 in the state.
  • Dixie Macias named California State Mens Coach of the year

Individual honors were as follows:

Singles Honors
Justin Vea All Coast Conference
ITA All-American
#13 in State
Wilson Ko All Coast Conference
#32 in State
Ricky Hui All Coast Conference
#44 in State
Prince Hasheem Bason All Coast Conference
ITA All-American
#50 in State
Justin Shoolery All Coast Conference
#79 in State
Artur Ivancenco #96 in State
Justin Vea/Prince Hasheem Bason #2 in State
Wilson Ko/Ricky Hui #30 in State
Hicham Larhnimi/Justin Shoolery #34 in State

The prospects for the 2011 season look very promising with returning veterans and a very talented group of incoming freshman.

2008 Highlights

Foothill College rebounded from a perfect 0-13 record in 2007 to 16-2 in 2008 going undefeated in Coast Conference Play.

Foothill College was ranked number 4 in the state.

Individual honors were as follows:

Adam Hopkins All League Honors
#8 State (All-American Honors)
Khair Hadid All League Honors
#11 State
Phil Graham All League Honors
#19 State
John Paplos #55 State
Steven Roberts All League Honors
#60 State

Hopkins/Graham #12 State
Hadid/Paplos #16 State

2005 Highlights

2004 Highlights

1998 Highlights

The Foothill College Men' Tennis Team is the most successful men's tennis program in the history of California Community College men's tennis. In 32 seasons as head coach, Notable tennis team alum include: Brad Gilbert, formerly #4 ranked player in the world and currently Andre Agassi's coach; Larry Stefanki, formely #35 in the world and currently Yevgeny Kafelnikov's coach; Paul Chamberlin, formerly ranked #40 in the world and a Wimbledon singles quarter-finalist.

The 2000 season prospect look good as 7 out of 9 team members are returning from the 1999 State Championship second place team. We are in the Coast Conference where we compete in a double round-robin format against other Community College teams. Also, our schedule includes several four year universities including U.C. Santa Cruz, University of Pacific, Santa Clara, St. Mary's, Montana, Sonoma State, U.C. Davis, Swarthmore, and University of Montana. One of our goals is to be able to compete for the California State Championship, and it looks like the 2000 team has a good chance to achieve this goal.


Where are they?  What have they done?
Mike Alifano Dan Blumberg Paul Mathison Jon Callne
Rob Anderson Jack Radin Benjamin Dexback Rich Sherrill
Steve Shaw Everett Villasenor Joe Serboni Dave Barrows
Ed Heath Bruce Sommerville Kolo Rosenthal John Stockwell
Joe Russell Lance Fors Rodrigo Godoy Mike Takatsuno
Tim Zickuhr Kelly Thurman Dan Jaqua Bob Werth
Doug Conrad Kurt Mumma Bruce Mann Bob Randall
Todd Avey Greg Norris Dennis Sandkulla Paul Bates
Marty Lambrecht Kevin Howard  Dave Rogers Robert Connelly
Carl Behring Chuck Hepp Joe Van Dera Dan Cashman
Dick Roth Greg Ulrich Chris Cooper Pete Clark 
Chris Le Grand Mark Wilson Kelly O’Shaugnessy Jim Newell
Kevin Cummings Brian Jffer Henry Peters Doug Franklin
Brian Knebel Norm Scott Felix Ponte Bob Simpkins 
Rob Herdman

California State Champions

1963 Horst Ritter
1964 Rodney Kop
1970 Steve Stefanki
1972 Rich Andrews
1976 Larry Stefanki
1979 John Severly
1980 John Severly
1981 Brad Gilbert
1983 Chris Green
1988 Torin Schultz
1992  Long Phan

1964 Rodney Kop/Dale McGowen
1965 Raul Contreras/Jeff Kerber
1976 Larry Stefanki/Chris Andrews
1985 Mercelo Tella/Layne Lyssy
1987 Bobby Fenton/Dan Joelson
1988  Dan Joelson/Marco Redaelli
1992 Long Phan/Ryan Johnston
1994 Shane McMillan/Noah Rippner
1997 John Hui/Dan Castro
1998 John Hui/Dan Castro

Coach Dixie Macias
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Foothill College
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