Foothill College Athletic Recruiting Questionaire

If you are interested in competing in intercollegiate athletics for Foothill College, please complete the form below. This form will be used by the Soccer coaching staff to help determine prospective student athletes. Thank you for your interest in our college soccer program.

In general terms, to be eligible to play at Foothill College, you must:

Step 1: Administrative

  • Be admitted to Foothill College and take the assessment tests as early as possible, preferably in late Spring or early Summer (July). 

  • Enroll and complete CNSL 50 during Summer/September; complete your study plan.  See the athletic counselor as early as possible.

  • Enroll in at least 12 units, including 3 for HP 40B, the intercollegiate soccer class by late August.  The remaining 9 units must be academic units.  Classes close early, so the earlier you enroll, the easier to satisfy this requirement.  Early registration for athletes is done in May and then again in late July.

  • Apply for Financial Aid and/or other college services as early as possible.

Step 2: Athletics

  • Take the summer soccer class "Pre-Season Conditioning" for soccer, this class is not part of your 12-unit requirement described above. 
  • Take Physical Exam, offered, free-of-charge, at Foothill College on first day of practice.
  • Join the Foothill College Men's Soccer Team official tryouts from August 16 -30, within the HP 40B class.  You must be enrolled in the HP 40B class.

For a more detailed listing of the steps to join the Foothill College Men's Soccer team, contact the coaching staff.

Note: This form is not an official Foothill College Application.

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Coach Tom Liner
c/o Athletic Department
Foothill College
12345 El Monte Rd.
Los Altos Hills, CA. 94022-4599
Phone: (650) 949-7464

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