Selected Interviews, Lectures & Panels with Andrew Fraknoi
A Tourist Tour: Solar System Vacation Spots (an episode of the "Big Picture Science" syndicated radio show, August 2015

Andrew Fraknoi Interviews Frank Drake (the pioneer astronomer who began the scientific search for extra-terrestrial intelligence)

Preview of the New Horizons Spacecraft Flying by Pluto (KQED Forum Interview by Michael Krasny, July 2015)

What Were the Atoms in Your Body Doing 8 Billion Years Ago (Interview in the “Radical Physics” series 2011)

Why Pluto Got Kicked out of the Planet Club (Interview in the “Radical Physics” Series 2011)

Why the World Will Still be Here after Dec. 21, 2012 (a colloquium for the public at the SETI Institute, with three speakers, Dec. 11, 2012)

Comets and Other 2013 Sky Events (NPR Science Friday, 10 minute segment, Jan. 4, 2013)

KQED Radio Forum on the Large Meteoroid Exploding Over Russia (Feb. 15, 2013)

Where Bill Gates' Great Grand-daughter Will Go for Her Honeymoon: The Top Tourist Sights of the Solar System (a lecture at the Lawrence Hall of Science on July 19, 2011):

Are We Alone? An Evening Dialogue with the NASA Kepler Mission Leaders (Andrew Fraknoi, moderator), July 26, 2011

KQED Radio Forum Program on Shutting Down the Allen Telescope Array and the Search for Life in the Universe (May 10, 2011)

New Light on Dark Energy (Science at the Theater, a panel of scientists moderated by Andrew Fraknoi, May 3, 2011)

KQED Radio Forum Program on Astronomical News (Nov. 16, 2009)

Interview with KQED Radio News about the LCROSS Mission Oct. 8, 2009 (roughly 5 minutes)

Interview about Galileo's 400th Anniversary on the Are We Alone Radio Show with Seth Shostak (Mar. 2, 2009)

Podcast on the 120th Anniversary of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, part of the 365 Days of Astronomy series during the International Year of Astronomy (Feb. 6, 2009)

KQED Forum Program on New Discoveries about Astronomy (an hour conversation with Michael Krasny), Dec. 11, 2008

Point of Inquiry Webcast on "Your Body's Cosmic History," Sept. 12, 2008

KQED Forum Program on Mars Exploration and Exploding Stars (also with NASA astronomer David Morrison), May 28, 2008

Are We Alone Radio Show (SETI Institute) on writing a children's book for Disney (15 minutes in middle of show), Jan. 14, 2008

Astronomy in Popular Culture The Gemant Prize Lecture at the January 2008 American Astronomical Society Meeting (video)

KQED Forum Discussion on Discovery of an Earth-like Planet (also with planet-hunter Debra Fischer); 1 hr., Apr. 30, 2007

Science and Society Podcast on "Pluto and the New Definition of a Planet" (Nov. 17, 2006)

Are We Alone Radio Show (SETI Inst.) on "A Skeptical View of Astrology" (Oct. 18, 2006)

Are We Alone Radio Show on "Science Fiction with Good Astronomy" (Aug. 23, 2006)

KQED Forum Interview/Debate on New IAU Definition of a Planet (1 hr, Aug. 17, 2006)

Science Friday (NPR) 20-min Interview on a Sightseeing Tour of the Solar System (Jul. 28, 2006)

KQED Forum Interview on a range of astronomy topics (1 hr, Jan. 19, 2006)

Are We Alone Radio Show (SETI Inst.) on "The Secret Einstein" (Nov. 20, 2005)

Slacker Astronomy Interview about the Einstein Centennial (Oct. 11, 2005)

Tech Nation Interview on the Discovery and Understanding of Planets (Sep. 6, 2005)

KQED Forum Discussion on the Deep Impact Mission and Other Astronomy News (1 hr, July 6, 2005)

KQED Forum Interview about Black Holes, Space Warps, Time Machines (1 hr. June 3, 2002)

Science Friday Short Interview on Leonids Meteor Shower and Meteor Observing (Nov. 16, 2001)

Science Friday Interview on Summer Astronomy (June 29, 2001)

Science Friday Interview on the Leonids Meteor Storm (Nov. 13, 1998)

Science Friday Interview on Christmas Astronomy (Dec. 25, 1998)