Articles by Andrew Fraknoi
An Ancient Universe (for teachers; on how we know the age of the universe is much longer than creationists claim; with B. Partridge, G. Greenstein, and J. Percy)

An Astronomer Looks at Astrology (skeptically)

Astronomy in Popular Culture (A Quiz)

The Expanding Universe (brief introduction; click on the title and the article expands into view)

Gamma-Ray Bursts (brief introduction for the general public)

How Astronomers Search for Intelligent Life in Space (brief article for beginners; click on the title)

How Fast Are You Moving When You Are Sitting Still? (the motions of the Earth for teachers)

Insights from a Survey of Astronomy Instructors in Community and Other Teaching-Oriented Colleges in the United States (in Astronomy Education Review)

Introduction to Telescopes (brief guide for beginners; scroll down, click on title, and the article will expand)

Light as a Cosmic Time Machine (brief introduction for the general public)

Lives of the Stars (a brief introduction for the general public)

Mars (a brief introduction)

"Music of the Spheres" in Education Using Astronomically Inspired Music (in Astronomy Education Review)

Planets Around Other Stars (brief introduction for the general public)

Steps and Missteps Toward an Emerging Profession (Education and Outreach in Astronomy)

Teaching Astronomy with Science Fiction (in Astronomy Education Review)

Teaching What a Planet Is A Roundtable on the Educational Implications of the New Definition of a Planet (in Astronomy Education Review)

What's a Planet and Why is Pluto not in the Planet Club Anymore? (brief introduction)

Women in Astronomy

Plus a Few Selected Classroom Activities
A Flag for Your Planet (Family Activity)

Family Heroes: Should Uncle Fred be in the Sky? (thinking about constellations, for families)

Finding Your Way to Mars, Pennsylvania: An Astronomy and Geography Activity

How High Up is Space

The Universe At Your Fingertips Activity: Picture an Astronomer

Sky Heroes: Reinventing the Constellations (for classrooms)

Starry Lives, Starry Skies: Observing Different Stages in Stellar Evolution

Where Bill Gates' Great Grand-Daughter Will Go For Her Honeymoon: The Top Astronomical Tourist Sights
Solar System version
Hubble version