Robbie Reid
Robbie Reid

Dr. Robbie Reid is a Professor of Art History at Foothill College, where she has been teaching since 1990. Reid earned a Ph.D. in Art History from Stanford University (2001) with a specialization in 19th century American Art. Her dissertation, titled Bodies of Water: Winslow Homer's Paintings of the Sea Shore, was concerned with Homer's late seascapes, particularly as they pertain to 19th century conceptions of time and mortality.

Earlier in her career, Prof. Reid earned a M.A. degree in Art History from the University of California at Santa Barbara (1983) with an emphasis in African Art. Her Master's thesis was titled Igbo Public Cult Figural Carving and she visited Nigeria for research purposes. Reid lived in Great Britain for several years and she also worked as a research assistant in the African Art Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. She taught art history courses at several other institutions, including Stanford University, Saint Cloud State University, and Santa Barbara Community College. Reid's passion for and commitment to the arts and to education is evident from the course of her career.

My graduate degrees and teaching career focus largely on art history, though I began my education in the field of art as a studio artist specializing in painting and drawing. I have recently resumed oil painting and I look forward to further developing my skills as an artist. I include images of my seascapes below, as examples of my recent studio work.

I teach a variety of online and traditional classroom art history courses (see below) and I recently developed Art 2E - A History of Women in Art online. As a woman, an art historian, and an artist, the subject of women in the history of art is of great personal and professional interest to me. I am currently developing two new online classes, Art 2C - A History of Western Art from ca. 1600 to the 21st century and Art 2D - African, Oceanic, and Native American Art. I am also pleased to be working with Simon Pennington to develop an online A.A. degree in Art History. I look forward to seeing you in my classes and I hope you will come to share my passion for art and art history!

- Professor Robbie Reid, Ph.D.

Courses (past and present) taught by Prof. Reid at Foothill College:
Art 1 - Introduction to Art
Art 2A - Art History (Survey of Western Art)
Art 2B - Art History (Survey of Western Art)
Art 2C - Art History (Survey of Western Art)
Art 2D - African, Oceanic, Native American Art
Art 2E - A History of Women in Art
Art 14 - American Art

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