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The mission of the Art Department is to provide students with learning opportunities in the contemporary art practice, art theory and the history of art. Courses enable students to satisfy requirements for the A.A. Degrees in Art, Certificates in Art, and for transfer to other institutions as art Majors. Courses provide general students with the information and practical experience in working with art media, insight into the roles of the visual arts in historical and present cultures, and in the life of the individual. Our program introduces students to the varied approaches to art media and art practice.

The Art program offers a range of foundation art courses. We offer Fundamentals in Drawing, Intermediate Drawing, Representational Drawing, Figure Drawing, Heads and Hands Drawing, Color Theory, 2-D Foundations, Collage, 3-D Foundations, Ceramics, Oil Painting, Watercolor and Acrylic Painting, Print Arts and the Studio Art Portfolio Preparation Course. The History of Art offers a balance of depth and breadth. We offer African, Oceanic and Native American Art, History of Woman in Art, Modern Art, and Contemporary Thought, American Art, Ancient Art, Medieval and Renaissance, and early Modern Art.

Our studio art areas encourage student life and create community. Our workshops attract artist from the region and students from other colleges. Student clubs, art events, art exhibitions, visiting artists programs and speaker series are some examples of our student life.

Students leave our program with a portfolio ready to transfer into higher institutions and entry-level positions.

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