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Pipe Trades Training Center of Santa Clara and San Benito Counties
Contact: Carl Cimino, Training Director
Phone Number: (408) 453-6330
Location: San Jose

Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties Plumbers and Pipefitters JATC
Contact: Steve MacArthur, Training Director
Phone Number: (831) 633-6091
Location: Castroville

Plumbers, Pipefitters, & HVACR Fitter JATC
Contact: Stephan Schnell, Training Director
Phone Number: (650) 692-0442
Location: San Mateo


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Apprenticeship - Pipe Trades 2020-2021

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Pipe Trades consist of Plumbers, Steamfitters, and Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Mechanics who work with the various materials and fixtures used in installation, removal, maintenance, extension and alteration of a plumbing system. Plumbing systems include all sanitary drainage, storm drainage facilities, special wastes, vent systems, public or private water systems and gas piping within or adjacent to any building. This program serves those students who want to further their post-secondary education.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students gain expertise and hands-on experience as they work on plumbing systems to include: drain waste and vent systems, systems for various industrial fluids, public or private water systems and gas piping systems. These specialized skills are acquired through on-the-job training and classroom instruction and lead to employment in the construction and service industry. After five years of classroom and work experience, students are recognized as journeypersons within the pipe trades industry.

Career Opportunities:

Upon completion of all course requirements and 9000 hours of on-the-job training and 1080 hours of related training class work, graduates will be eligible for the State Certificated Pipe Trades Examination. Depending upon the student's career interest and courses taken, graduates may find employment as a: commercial plumber, residential plumber, HVAC service mechanic, steamfitter, welder, building inspector, refrigeration fitter, construction foreman, air conditioning specialist, building inspector or HVAC equipment technician.

Units Required

  • Certificate(s): 24-42.5
CA = Certificate of Achievement.

Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Achievement in Plumbing/Pipefitting/Pipe Trades Apprenticeship

Units: 42.5

APPT 161 Safety/OSHA/Tools/Heritage/Service (4 units)
APPT 162 Mathematics/Science for the Plumbing Trade (4.5 units)
APPT 163 Code/Water Supply Systems (4 units)
APPT 164 Drawing I for the Plumbing Trade (4.5 units)
APPT 165 Drawing II for the Plumbing Trade (4 units)
APPT 166 Welding/Oxy-Acetylene Training (4.5 units)
APPT 167 Steam Systems/Rigging/Pipe Fitting & Service (4 units)
APPT 168 Medical Gas/Hydronics/Signal Person (4.5 units)
APPT 169 Advanced Drawing/Layout for the Plumbing Trades/UA Foreman Training (4 units)
APPT 170 Code II/Junior Mechanics Review & Exam (4.5 units)

Certificate of Achievement in Residential Plumbing (24 Units)

APPT 121 Introduction to Residential Plumbing, Safety & Tools (2.5 units)
APPT 122 Residential Drainage Systems (2.5 units)
APPT 123 Residential Gas & Water Installations (2.5 units)
APPT 124 Mathematics for Residential Plumbing (2.5 units)
APPT 125 Residential Blueprint Reading (4.5 units)
APPT 126 Residential Piping Layout & Installations; Residential Fixtures (4.5 units)
APPT 127 Residential Plumbing Code (2.5 units)
APPT 128 Residential Gas Installations; Service Work (2.5 units)

Control Information:
2020-2021 | Status: Approved | Modified: 2020-04-27 13:47:40 | Dept Code: APPT

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Office: Building 1900, Room 1914C
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