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Formerly: ANTH 8LX
An introduction to intermediate level laboratory methods and techniques of archaeology using the scientific method, including cataloging, care and analysis of artifacts, bone recognition, and archaeological excavation. This class will further develop concepts within an anthropological research framework, focusing on guided laboratory analysis of active archaeology research projects. Students develop expertise in detailed laboratory research and write about the techniques, tools, laboratory terminology and processes of laboratory research at an intermediate level. Students will use archaeology vocabulary in verbal and written class reports based on active research projects.
Advisory: UC transferability is limited to 3 units maximum for ANTH 16L, 17L & 18L; not open to students with credit in ANTH 8LX.
Repeatability: Not Repeatable.
6 hours laboratory. (72 hours total per quarter.)
GE Area: Non-GE Applicable
Transferability: CSU and UC
Not scheduled for the Fall quarter.