Voting Members
The members of the AAN represent an eclectic cross-section of the faculty, staff and community members that live and work within the Foothill and De Anza Colleges' communities. The diverse departments and positions represented below are utilized to best serve the students of Foothill College and navigate its system--from the classroom to the Chancellor's Office. Feel free to contact any member for questions regarding Foothill College, its student body and programs, or the Network.

  1. Apodaca, Mariael
  2. Croft, Juanita
  3. Ellis, David
  4. Frieson, Willie
  5. Gray, Nicole
  6. Hale Melanie
  7. Harris, Ach'Sah
  8. Haywood-Smith, Maisha
  9. Henderson, April
  10. Henderson Mc Leod, Joyce
  11. Hollins, Wilbert
  12. Jones-Dulin, Donna
  13. Joseph, Paula
  14. Lamb, Miriam
  15. Lane, Kimberly
  16. Mathis, Oudia
  17. Mc Leod, Norman
  18. Menendez, Natalia
  19. Miner, Judy
  20. Myers, Roseann
  21. Onugha, Erica
  22. Pouncil, Matais
  23. Redmond, Carmen
  24. Sain, Monica
  25. Smith, Cynthia
  26. Townes, Shawn
  27. Vance-Lee, Davida
  28. Washington, Mary Ann
  29. Washington, Myisha
  30. Williams, Marilyn
More information will follow regarding the Foothill African American Network activities for the 2011-2012 year.


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