2016–2017 College and University TAG Requirements

To obtain detailed TAG requirements for each of the UCs below, click on the UC link

School Minimum # of Completed Units Application Deadlines Minimum GPA
University of California (UC)
UC Davis (TAG Info - PDF) 45 Fall Term Sept. 1–30 3.2 –3.3
UC Irvine 45 Fall Term Sept. 1–30 3.4
UC Merced 45 Fall Term Sept. 1–30 2.8 – 3.0
UC Riverside 45 Fall Term Sept. 1–30 3.0 – 3.5
UC Santa Barbara 45 Fall Term Sept. 1–30 3.2
UC Santa Cruz (TAG Info - PDF) 45 Fall Term Sept. 1–30 3.0
2017–2018 University of California Transfer Admission Guarantee Program Matrix (PDF)
California State University (CSU)
CSU Transfer Degrees   Visit the Transfer Center and see your counselor to obtain information on the Transfer Degree – A Degree with a Guarantee!  
Private Universities/Colleges
American University, Paris 36 Rolling Admissions 3.0
Arizona State University 36 April 1 for Fall 3.0
Cogswell College 45 Rolling Admissions 2.5
Notre Dame de Namur University 36 Rolling Admission 2.4
Palo Alto University 90 Rolling Admission 2.0
University of Pacific 90 Dec. 1 for Fall 3.0
Western Oregon University 36 Rolling Admission
Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Bennett College, NC 45 Rolling Admission 2.5
Dillard University, LA 45 Rolling Admission 2.5
Fisk University, TN 45 Rolling Admission 2.5
Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO 45 Rolling Admission 2.5
Philander Smith College, AR 45 Rolling Admission 2.5
Stillman College, AL 45 Rolling Admission 2.5
Talladega College, AL 45 Rolling Admission 2.5
Tuskegee University, AL 45 Rolling Admission

TAG Workshops

TAG Workshops will begin the week of August 11 and continue through mid September.  View the calendar and sign up for a workshop at www.foothill.edu/transfer/workshops.php .   Please note the following:  If you have any questions about your educational plan for next year regarding your TAG, make a counseling appointment as soon as possible. If you wait until September, you may find that no appointments are available!  Educational plan questions (how to list your in progress and planned coursework for the 2014/2015 academic year) will not be addressed in the workshops.  You will just get information about deadlines, how to complete the application, and the timeline of actions after submission of your TAG.

What is a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)?
A TAG is a written agreement between you, Foothill College and a specific 4-year college or university, which states that if you meet the requirements, you are admitted. The TAG helps you understand:
  1. The courses you must complete before transferring
  2. The minimum GPA you must earn
  3. The number of units required to transfer
  4. The specific requirements for high-demand majors
Is a TAG right for me?
A TAG is a free, quick and easy way to determine if you are eligible for admission to a specific college or university. Your TAG secures you a seat at a selected college or university, provided that you meet the conditions specified in the agreement.

International students please note: CSUs do not allow TAGs for international students.

When do I start a TAG?
It depends on the school that you want to attend. If you want a TAG with any of the UC or CSU schools, you generally write your TAG one year before you plan to transfer. If you are writing a TAG for one of the California private schools, the deadline is much later and closer to the term in which you will transfer.

How do I begin a TAG?
  1. Sign up for a TAG workshop to obtain general information about the process (including the new online process for the UCs) and timelines and to learn how to calculate your transferable GPA. TAG workshops are optional but may be very helpful.
  2. Bring copies of all college transcripts to the workshop. Any non-Foothill transcripts must be pre-evaluated by a Foothill College counselor before attending the workshop.
  3. Schedule an appointment with your counselor to finalize your educational plans and to write the TAG contract. Bring the completed workshop worksheet and evaluated transcripts to your counseling appointment.
  4. For the UC TAGs you will submit an online application between September 1 and September 30. All other TAGs will be written with your counselor.

If you complete a Transfer Admission Agreement (TAG), you’ll be given first consideration for admission to selected colleges and universities. You must complete agreed-upon general education courses, and courses in your major, with a specified minimum GPA. Work with your counselor to prepare the TAG, which outlines course requirements completed and planned. The TAG should be prepared before transfer. The TAG ensures acceptance and smooth transfer to your chosen college or university. Visit the Transfer Center, located in the Student Development Center for TAG timelineinformation.

Would you like guaranteed admission to one of the following schools? Check the table below to see if you might qualify. If you do, your first step is to attend a TAG Workshop (check What's New for dates and times). Keep in mind that the units have to be transferable and have to be completed before you apply for a TAG.


Steps to completing a TAG:
  1. Have all non-Foothill/De Anza transcripts evaluated by a counselor to determine transfer credit.
  2. Sign up and attend a TAG workshop (optional) in the Transfer Center (bring unofficial copies of all your college transcripts).
  3. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to complete TAG form.
  4. Receive response regarding admission two to four weeks after deadline.
International Students
The above list of guaranteed transfer agreements applies to international students except for the agreements for CSU East Bay and CSU Monterey Bay.

Through the Foothill College Honors Institute, we offer priority admissions to UCLA for domestic and international students who meet certain criteria through the university's Transfer Alliance Program. For more information, visit International Student Programs.

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