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Read the information on this page to learn about the requirements and responsibilities for students who participate in the Foothill College Pass the Torch Program as a Leader (Tutor) or Member (Tutee)

  • The Leader (Tutor) is a student who has completed one of the Pass the Torch's core courses at Foothill College with an "A" grade and has been referred by his/her instructor.
  • The Member (Tutee) is the student who is currently enrolled in a Pass The Torch core class at Foothill College

All students who participate in the program are expected to work hard and

  • be responsible
  • have integrity
  • meet deadlines
  • plan accordingly

Once selected to participate in the program, your academic progress is monitored to help you succeed.

What are Pass the Torch study teams?

Students are matched into one-on-one study teams. One student is the Leader (Tutor) and the other is the Member (Tutee).

  • The two-person team is matched by the Pass the Torch staff according to their time availability.
  • The team meets for the entire quarter and works together in the specific subject in which the Member is enrolled.

Which core courses are supported by the Pass the Torch Program?


  • ESLL 236/237 Basic Composition Skills
  • ESLL 25: Composition and Reading
  • ESLL 26: Advanced Composition and Reading


  • English 209 Introduction to College Reading
  • English 1S Integrated Composition & Writing (Puente - This is a Learning Community course Fall Quarter)
  • English 1T Integrated Composition & Writing (Puente - This is a Learning Community course Winter Quarter)
  • English 1A Composition & Writing
  • English 1B Composition Critical Reading & Thinking
  • English 1C Advanced Composition


  • Math 235 Preparing for Algebra: Real Numbers
  • Math 230 Preparing for Algebra: Linear Equations, Proportions & Geometry
  • Math 220 Elementary Algebra
  • Math 105 Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 108 Accelerated Algebra
  • Math 10 Elementary Statistics
  • Math 217 Integrated Statistics I
  • Math 57 Integrated Statistics II
  • Math 48A Pre-Calculus I
  • Math 48B Pre-Calculus II
  • Math 48C Pre-Calculus III
  • Math 1A Calculus

*dual enrollment required



What are the benefits of being in a Pass the Torch Study Team?

  • One-on-one peer support from a student like yourself who has earned an "A" grade in the class and has been highly recommended by his/her instructor.
  • Instructors who reserve extra time with you because you are a Pass the Torch Member
  • Participation in a program with a caring environment of the Study Team Community where students and instructor are working together to help students achieve academic success
  • Enjoy the challenge of being in a Study Team where you are expected to achieve good gradesÂ
If you are a member, you're required to:

* matching of study teams begins the second week of the quarter and continues until the 6th week


Benefits of being a Leader include:

  • New Leaders receive a Mentoring Scholarship for their first quarter in Pass the Torch then a pay rate of $14.00 per hour
  • Course Specific training by a Foothill College Math/English Instructor
  • Satisfaction of helping a fellow student achieve success in a class at which you excel
  • Future job reference
  • An additional item to include on your transfer and job application

If you are a Leader, you're required to:

  • Have earned an A grade in core Math, English and/or ESLL courses and have received a referral from your instructor from your Pass The Torch core classes.
  • Attend the Leader's Introductory Meeting which meets the first week each quarter, see schedule below
  • Enroll in and attend the mandatory weekly one-unit Pass the Torch Leader Training class
    • English/ESLL classes are LA 61A for new Leaders and LA 61B for continuing time Leaders
    • Math classes are PSE 61A for new Leaders and PSE 61B for continuing time Leaders
How much does the one-unit course cost?

California residents pay $31 per unit to the registrar for PSE 61A/B and LA 61A/B. Out-of-state and foreign students pay $180 per unit. Fees are subject to change.

How do I enroll in the PSE 61A/B or LA 61A/B courses?

Add Codes will be provided by the Training Instructors or the Pass the Torch Program Coordinator (add codes are only valid for the first two weeks of the quarter).

How will I get paid?

First quarter Leaders will receive a Pass the Torch Peer Mentoring Scholarship in the amount of $175.00 at the end of the quarter.

Second quarter Leaders who join the program will need to become Foothill College District Funded Student Employees and meet the requirement first to be employed. Student Employees are paid monthly for the hours worked.

For more information visit Foothill’s Student Employment page at:

Week One Tutor Training: Math & English/ESLL
All New Leaders must attend one of the following times.
First Week of the Quarter
Wednesday, April 12 12:10 - 1:00 p.m. Room 6501
Thursday, April 13 1:30 - 2:20 p.m. Room 6501

Math Leader Training Class Schedules
Starts 2nd week of the Quarter
Nicole Gray: Mathematics Coordinator - PSE 61A/B
See Class Schedule for Mathematics

English/ESLL Leader Training Class Schedules
Starts 2nd week of the Quarter
Natalia Menendez: English/ESLL Coordinator - LA 61A/B
See Class Schedule for English

Pass the Torch Orientation Schedule

Time/Day Monday Tuesday Thursday
8-8:50 am
9-9:50 am Orientation Orientation Orientation
10-10:50 am Orientation Orientation Orientation
11-11:50 am Orientation Orientation Orientation
12-12:50 pm
2-2:50 pm By appointment only By appointment only By appointment only

  • You will need to set aside one hour for an orientation and completion of paper work
  • Drop-ins are welcome if you have any questions about the program.
  • Pass the Torch is located in Room #3609 Teaching & Learning Center
  • To schedule an appointment select a date and time, leave that information with the Pass The Torch Program at (650) 949-7358 along with your phone number or e-mail us at and our office staff will confirm your orientation.


How does the matching process work?
Upon completion of orientation, the Program Coordinator will give you a Weekly Schedule Form to fill out along with your leader or member contract.

  1. Circle the Leader training class you will be attending if you have not completed training.
  2. Write in your scheduled classes in the boxes on the days and times that you have class.
  3. Put an X in the boxes on the days and times that you are not available to meet.
  4. Only the blank spaces in your schedule will be used for matching you in a study team. Leave your Weekly Schedule Form along with your leader or member contract with the Pass the Torch staff.

How will I know that I've been matched in a study team?

A Pass the Torch staff member will contact you by both telephone and via e-mail.

  1. Come to the Pass the Torch Office (Room 3609).
  2. Pick up your matching envelope from the matching board with your name on it.
  3. Read the documents in the matching envelope.
  4. Next, call or e-mail your study partner and confirm your team's first meeting as soon as possible, teams begin meeting the second week of the quarter.
Where is the matching board?

The Math and English/ESLL Matching Board is the cork-covered board on the left as you face the Pass the Torch office.

What is in the matching envelope?
  • The matching envelope lists your name in red ink if you are in a Math Study Team or blue ink if you are in an English/ESLL Study Team.
  • It contains your study team partner information, with the date and time of your first study team meeting. Read this document carefully.
  • Next, call or e-mail your study partner and confirm your team's first meeting as soon as possible. Teams begin meeting the second week of the quarter.


Your team is required to meet twice a week. If a meeting has been missed, it may be made up later during the week or during the following week. Your team is only allowed to meet an additional two hours for extra help, bringing the total meeting hours to 22 for the entire quarter.

GETTING STARTED: What to expect at the first study team meeting.

First, log in at the Pass the Torch reception counter computer at the entrance to the Teaching & Learning Center.

After greeting your study team partner:

  1. Go to a Pass the Torch staff member and inform him/her that this is your first team meeting.
  2. The Program Coordinator or staff will go over your team folder and will explain how to complete your team folder properly along with other important paper work.
  3. Always have access to your study team partner's telephone number or e-mail address, which can be found in the matched information envelope. It is your responsibility to promptly contact him/her the day before if you cannot meet, failure to do so will result in a "No Show".
  4. Complete your Getting Acquainted Ice Breaker and Working on Members Instructor's Greensheet, (instructor's syllabus) as well as the Code of Conduct. Review these important documents together in your study team. Both the leader and the member must sign the documents and leave them in the team folder. Be certain to write important dates-deadlines, tests, holidays, etc... - on your Quarterly Calendar located on the left side of your open folder.
  5. If the Member has any homework, use the rest of the team meeting time to work on it. Also, complete the Study Team Time-Card before leaving. It is critical that the time-card is filled out and initialed by both the Leader and Member for each hour that the team meets. It will be used to calculate the Leader's hours worked at the end of each month. If the time-card is not initialed by both it will not be processed.
  6. Leave your folder in the file container labeled "Drop Folders After Meeting Here" on the counter outside of the Pass the Torch office. All study team time-cards are processed daily. When you return for your next study team meeting, the folder will now be filed in numerical order, odd for Math and even for English/ESLL (team number) and placed in the file area container labeled for Math and English/ESLL.
  7. Congratulations! You're now part of a Pass the Torch study team. If you have questions, ask a staff member.

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