Pass The Torch - Shout Outs

Fall 2011 Tributes

To: Armand Ying, English Leader
"Armand is a delightful person to hang around with. He would always challenge the way you look at stuff and makes you view it through a different lens and that's why I'm succeeding in my class and it would be a skill I will carry for the rest of my life."
From: Erik Aguilar, English Member

To: Amir Boulett, English Member
"Hey Amir, This quarter really went by fast, just like all of the them sessions together. It's been a really fun quarter tutoring and getting to know you. Good luck in all your class this next coming year! Happy Holidays!"
From: Jasmine Amian, English Leader

To: David Wooley, English Member
"David, Even though our team started up late, we ended up having a great synergy working together. You've been an awesome member and I've enjoyed reading through your essays this quarter. I wish you the best for next quarter & I hope you have an amazing winter break!"
From: Jasmine Amian, English Leader

To: Joyce Wright, Mathematics Member
"Hello Joyce! It's really nice to meet you this quarter! Haha! I mean it!! We had good times during our meetings! and you know what, when I went to my team leader meetings, I really did not have any problems to talk about! Our team meetings are just perfect! I hope you will love Math and good luck on finals! OH! I really appreciate how you always are well prepared before our meetings!"
From: Joanna Man Ling Yau, Mathematics Leader

To Callan West, Mathematics Member
"It has been a pleasure to work with you this quarter. I witness your progress in your math class. Good luck on your finals! =)"
From: Andrew Richard, Mathematics Leader

To: Andrew Richard, Mathematics Leader
"Thank you for the help this quarter with my math, it has been the most help I've received while taking this class and I hope to take it again next quarter."
From: Callan West, Mathematics Member

To: Joanna Man Ling Yau, Mathematics Leader
"It is a pleasure having you for my math leader. Thank you for showing up regularly, prepared to help me. I have done well under your supervision and we worked well together and for the first time, I am actually enjoying math."
From: Joyce Wright, Mathematics Member

To: Arshia Ashjaei, Mathematics Leader
"I would like to thank my math leader for helping me get a firm grasp on certain subjects and for him teaching me new ways in approaching problems."
From: Erik Aguilar, Mathematics Member

To: Halbert Chong, Mathematics Leader
" Herbert is da man! Though he is not here!"
From: Ernesto Garcia, Mathematics Member

To: Kimberly Cervantes, English Member
"Thank you for committing yourself to our sessions this quarter. You have done such a great job this quarter, and it has, been a pleasure to watch you think and grow as a writer and student. It has been so much fun and I know you'll only keep it up! You are without a doubt my favorite member. And the fact that I only have one should not diminish that in the slightest."
From: Gillian Kelleher, English Leader

To: Katy Yang, Mathematics Leader
"Thanks for being so great this quarter! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun with you. You're so smart, it scares me. Stay awesome! Thanks for putting up with me :D"
From: Valerie Do, Mathematics Member

To: Martha Alvarez, Mathematics Member
"I want to acknowledge my member, Martha Alvarez for keeping a positive attitude during meetings and never giving up. I know she will pass the course next quarter. She understood concepts really well and I'm sure that she will ace the class in the future."
From: Andrew Ludwig, Mathematics Leader

To: Ernesto Garcia, Mathematics Member
"Good Luck continuing your Math My Way next quarter! You are an extraordinary person. I believe that you will make it through. Thanks for the great enthusiasm during team meetings. All the best!"
From: Halbert Chong, Mathematics Leader


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