Service Area Student Learning Outcomes
Service Area Student Learning Outcomes at a Glance

What are they?
SA-SLOs describe what students are expected to achieve and are able to demonstrate in terms of knowledge, skills, and values upon completion of receiving a service, attending a workshop, or participating in a program. They answer the question: What will students be able to think, know, do, or feel because of a given support service experience? What are the foundations of this focus? (Using SLO template)

External forces:
As the college is faced with increasing budget reductions from the state, with student services categorical funding reduced considerably, student services is under pressure to compete for survival. The Student Services Program Review process, including the development of SA-SLOs is designed to demonstrate "effectiveness and worth of student services and programs, and show positive relationships between students' out-of-class experiences and use of student services and programs and student learning, including academic achievement and retention." Shuh and Upcraft, 2001. Assessment Practice in Student Affairs.

"The institution systematically assesses student support services using student learning outcomes, faculty and staff input, and other appropriate measures in order to improve the effectiveness of these services."

Internal Forces:
One important factor in assessing student services is to determine affordability of a service. In an era of declining resources, assessment via SA-SLOs and program review provides information on efficiency and cost of our services in order to make sound decisions.

Strategic Planning
Assessment is critical to strategic planning in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for the future. It is important for student services to be an active and effective participant in the planning process. Assessment through SA-SLOs and program review help to define goals and objectives and pointing to critical issues or problems that must be resolved successfully if the organization is to achieve its goals.

Policy Development and Decision Making
SA-SLOs and program review will provide information to inform policy and decision-making in student services and within the institution, with stakeholders outside the institution and with the general public.
What are Service Area Student Learning Outcomes?

Service Area Student Learning Outcomes include structured events that occur outside of the classroom, complement the academic programs, and enhance the overall educational experience of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational and governance programs by:

  • Encouraging involvement in the campus and society
  • Encouraging exploration of activities that provide opportunities for growth in individual and group settings
  • Exposing students to various cultures and experiences, ideas and issues, art and musical forms, and styles of life
  • Informing students regarding college policies and procedures and how these relate to their lives and activities
  • Aiding in the awareness and utilization of college facilities and resources
  • Assisting with developing leadership, decision-making and related skills
  • Source: Student Life/Leadership, Maricopa Community Colleges, Arizona (, 7/23/07)

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