When to Register for Winter Quarter 2014
What Kind of Student Are You?
Continuing Student
You are currently enrolled at Foothill College.

New Student
You have never enrolled at Foothill College.

Former Student
You have attended Foothill before, but did not enroll the previous quarter.

Priority RegistrationNov. 20 - Jan. 5
Early RegistrationNov. 21 - Jan. 5

Continuing Students

Those students who were enrolled at Foothill
college during Fall Quarter 2013.

Register online at MyPortal. Your fees are due when you register. You will be dropped from classes if payment in full is not remitted. Pay fees online at MyPortal.

Number of units completed
at Foothill College.
Register online:
75 or more units Nov. 25 - Jan. 5
50 or more units Nov. 26 - Jan. 5
30 or more units Nov. 27 - Jan. 5
29 or fewer units Nov. 28 - Jan. 5
* Units completed at other colleges are not considered for registration.

New & Former Students
New & Former Students Nov. 30 - Jan. 5

Those students who were not enrolled at Foothill College during Fall Quarter 2013. You must complete and return the Application for Admission at least three business days before you register. You may then register at MyPortal. Applications are accepted throughout the registration period. If you are a new student and have not yet completed an associate degree or higher, you are required to participate in an orientation to college course. Your fees are due when you register. You will be dropped from classes if payment in full is not remitted. Pay your fees online at MyPortal.

Apply Online. See admissions for more information. After you submit your application online, you are eligible to register.

Apply by Mail: If you are unable to apply online, request a paper application by calling (650) 949-7772. Complete and return the application. You may then check MyPortal or call (650) 949-7325 for the date on which you can register.

Apply In Person: Submit the application at either the Main Campus in Los Altos Hills or the Middlefield Campus in Palo Alto.

High School Students
High School Students Dec. 2 - Jan. 5

You can earn credit while still in high school. Juniors and seniors who are currently enrolled in high school may earn up to 10 units per quarter (maximum of 6 units during Summer Session) by enrolling in Foothill College courses. Review the application, registration and testing process for high school students. Be aware that high school students must have all required permission forms on file at the Foothill College Admissions & Records Office before they will be permitted to register for classes.

Late Registration

Late registration is accepted with instructor's add code and signature during the first two weeks of the quarter only. When you register late, you must pay all fees at the time of registration.

Important Dates & Deadlines

January 6 Winter classes begin. Classes run through April 4 unless otherwise noted in the Schedule of Classes.
January 6 - 17 Late registration accepted with instructor's add code/authorization. Complete add process via your MyPortal.fhda.edu account.
Deadline to qualify for and request for refund. Deadline varies for each course. Generally, the deadline to drop is Friday of the second week for 12-week classes (January 17). Each class may be different. To verify the exact date for your classes, access your MyPortal.fhda.edu account.
January 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance; campus closed.
Weekend classes meet January. 19-20.
January 31 Deadline to file a pass/no pass option is the Friday of the fourth week of the current quarter (January 31). You can complete the pass/no pass option online via your MyPortal.fhda.edu account before the term begins. Once the term has started, you must submit your completed Pass/No Pass Form to the Admissions & Records Office. To download the Pass/No Pass Form, log into your MyPortal.fhda.edu account.
February 14 & 17 Presidents' Days observances; campus closed.
Weekend classes do not meet.
Deadline to drop a 12-week class with a W. Deadline varies for each course. Generally, the deadline is Friday of the eighth week for 12-week classes. Each class may be different. To verify the exact date for your classes, access your MyPortal.fhda.edu account.
March 1 Deadline to petition for Winter Quarter graduation; schedule a 30-minute consultation with a Foothill counselor.
March 25 - 28 Final Exams
March 31 - April 4 Spring Recess

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