What's My Campuswide ID/Student ID?

Your Campuswide ID (CWID) is an 8-digit identification number that is created when you submit an application. The number will be your Foothill and or De Anza college identification number and will remain the same throughout your educational career. You need your CWID to login to MyPortal and to conduct most of your college business including registration, fee payment, transcript requests, and many other services that require identification.

  • If you are a new student, your CWID/SID will be generated and e-mailed to you after you submit your application.

  • If you are a continuing or former student at Foothill College or De Anza College, a CWID has been automatically assigned to you. If you don't know it, you can look it up by following the steps below.

How to Get Your CWID/SID

  1. Go to MyPortal at http://myportal.fhda.edu/
  2. What is my campuswide ID?
  3. Follow the directions on screen to retrieve your ID and reset your password.
  4. Write down your CWID/SID and store it in a safe place. Because your records can be accessed with your CWID, you should protect it as you would any other important personal information. Do not share your CWID with anyone.


To register for classes, you must use MyPortal, located at MyPortal.fhda.edu. For a fast overview of the registration process, download the Student Registration Guide here. To access the portal, you need to know your Campuswide ID/SID (CWID/SID). You'll use a temporary password to log in the first time.

Applying for Admission

Foothill College has open admission for all high school graduates and non-graduates 18 years of age or older. High school students may attend Foothill with written parental and school permission. Access additional information about high school admission including the high school permission form. International students who hold F1 visas may attend Foothill College and should access application information and additional resources at the International Students Webpage.

Foothill College uses the CCC Apply California Community College statewide application. View the Foothill College Open CCC Apply application. For more information about the CCC Apply application process, including answers to common questions, please visit the Open CCC Apply FAQs page.

If you are an AB540 student, please access the AB540 registration steps, forms and guidelines for using the application.

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