Estimated Fee Remittance Slip Calculator
( Effective Summer 2016 )

1. Basic Fees

Student ID Card Fee $10.00
Student Rep Fee $1.00
Campus Center Fee $20.00
Health Services Fee $16.00
Eco Pass Fee $5.00**
Total Basic Fees:

Enrollment fee ($31/per unit)

Enter Number of units enrolled:

Note: Students with a BOGW - do not pay this fee. Tutition-paying students are required to pay this fee.
Total Enrollment Fees:

Instructional Course Fee(s)

See individual class listing for any applicable fee(s).

Total Course Fee(s):

4. Tuition for Non-California Residents
Are you an Out of state student?
($156 /unit)
Are you a Foreign student?
($156 /unit)
Number of units enrolled:
Total Out of State or Foreign Tuition:

5. International Student Health Insurance
$484 per quarter

6. Parking

Auto (fall, spring or winter)$26.65
Auto (summer session) $20.00
Motorcycle/MoPed $15.00
BOGFW recipients $13.15
Total Parking Fees:

7. Donations
The Foothill Fund *

The Tutorial Center *
The Library *
The Technology Center *
Total Donations:

8. Your Estimated Total Fees
Total Fees:

* When you pay your registration fees, please consider making a donation to the Tutorial Center, Foothill Fund, The Library or Technology Center. Financial support from the community and students is always needed to enhance the programs and services provided by Foothill College.

** Part-time students may pay less ($3.00 or $4.00) for the Eco Pass.

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