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What Does Psychological Services & Personal
Counseling Provide?
We provide free and confidential
  • Short-term individual and couples counseling.
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Mediation for student/student or student/faculty conflicts
  • Outreach and prevention services
  • Assessment, information and referral services to campus and community resources
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Do I have to have a serious psychological problem to come to Psychological Services?
No. Students come to our office to discuss a wide range of problems. Students are encouraged to come in to discuss any type of concern, big or small.
Who are the staff?
Licensed mental health professionals and graduate school/post-graduate school interns working towards their license. They have many years of counseling experience in mental health organizations and community service settings.
What type of counseling do you provide?
We provide brief therapy. This means that we focus on solutions and achievable goals within a limited time (6–8 sessions). Although the length of time in counseling is limited, most students report feeling better after 1–2 sessions. The type of therapy that we use most of the time is called cognitive-behavioral. Basically this means that we focus on how students are thinking, behaving and feeling in the here and now, rather than looking back at early childhood experiences. This type of therapy tends to be very effective in a short amount of time, which works well for our college setting. We teach self-help skills and assign homework or activities to do between visits to make our work together more productive. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is action-oriented, practical, rational and helps the student gain independence and effectiveness in dealing with real-life issues.
What about privacy? Are the services confidential?
Yes, the Psychological Services & Personal Counseling Office maintains a strict policy of confidentiality. No information is released without the student's written consent except where disclosure is required or allowed by law.
How do I get an appointment? How long do I have to wait in order to get an appointment?
Simply call (650) 949-7910, or go to the Office of Psychological Services & Personal Counseling, Room 2120, located on the Lower Level in the New Campus Center, and speak with our receptionist to schedule your first appointment. You will be asked to fill out some basic paperwork downloadable from our home page before your scheduled appointment.
Typically an appointment can be made within a week. Drop-in hours are available every week. If your problem is urgent, please let us know and a same-day appointment may be made available.
We take the time to listen, make an appointment today
Foothill's Office of Psychological Services is not a 24-hour program, for after hours help please call:
24-Hour Suicide and Crisis Service
County of Santa Clara
(650) 494-8420   (408) 279-3312
b. How long do I have to wait in order to get an appointment? Typically an appointment can be made within a week. Drop-in hours are available every week.

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