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Program Key
AA = Associate in Arts Degree CA = Certificate of Achievement CCC = Career Certificate
AS = Associate in Science Degree CC = Certificate of Completion SC = Complete this program and earn the Skill Certificate.
AA-T = Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree CS = Certificate of Specialization UT = May be transferable to a four - year university
AS-T = Associate in Science for Transfer Degree CP = Certificate of Proficiency

Programs for 2014-2015 Academic Year

Accounting   AA CA CCC UTHistory for Transfer   AA-T
Adaptive Fitness Therapy   AA CAHumanities   AA
Anthropology   AA CPJapanese   AA
Anthropology for Transfer   AA-TKinesiology for Transfer   AA-T
Apprenticeship - Field Ironworkers   CALeadership and Service   CP
Apprenticeship - Pipe Trades   CA CCCMathematics   AS
Apprenticeship - Sheet Metal   AS CA CCCMathematics for Transfer   AS-T
Apprenticeship - Sound and Communication   CCCMusic Technology   AA CA CP SC UT
Art   AA CA UTMusic: General   AA CP
Art History   AA CANanoscience   AS CA CP
Art History for Transfer   AA-T UTNon-Credit: Geriatric Home Aide   CC
Athletic Injury Care - Physical Education   ASNon-Credit: Job Readiness   CC
Biological Sciences   ASNon-Credit: Mathematical Foundations   CC
Business Administration   AA CS CCCParamedic   AS CA
Business Administration for Transfer   AS-TPharmacy Technician   AS CA
Business International Studies   AA CAPhilosophy   AA
Chemistry   ASPhilosophy for Transfer   AA-T
Child Development   AA CA CS UTPhotography   AA CA SC
Communication Studies   AA CP CSPhysical Education   AA
Communication Studies for Transfer   AAPhysics   AS
Computer Science   AS CPPhysics for Transfer   AS-T
Computer Science for Transfer   AS-TPolitical Science   AA
Dental Assisting   AS CAPolitical Science for Transfer   AA-T
Dental Hygiene   ASPopular Culture   CP
Diagnostic Medical Sonography   AS CAPrimary Care Associate Program   AS CA
Early Childhood Education for Transfer   AS-TPsychology   AA
Economics   AAPsychology for Transfer   AA-T
Economics for Transfer   AA-TRadiologic Technology   AS
Engineering   AS CPRespiratory Therapy   AS
English   AASociology   AA
English for Transfer   AA-TSociology for Transfer   AA-T
Enterprise Networking   AS CPSpanish   AA
Environmental Horticulture and Design   AS CASpanish for Transfer   AA-T
General Electrician   AS CA CCCStudio Arts for Transfer   AA-T
General Studies - Science   ASTheatre Arts   AA CCC
General Studies - Social Science   AATheatre Arts for Transfer   AA
Geography   AS CATheatre Technology   AA CA CCC
Geography for Transfer   AA-TTransfer Studies--CSU GE   CA
Graphic and Interactive Design   AA CA SCTransfer Studies--IGETC   CA
History   AAVeterinary Technology   AS CCC
History for Transfer   AA-TWomen's Studies   AA

General Education Requirements for Associate Degrees
Program Information sheets provide the Program Title and Description as well as Career Opportunities, Units required for Major and Units required for Certificate. Additional information can include; Associate Degree Requirements, Program Type(s), Core Course titles and units, Elective Course titles and units, Certificate information titles and units, Academic Year, and Program Status.
Degrees, Certificate and Transfer Programs

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