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Math Placement Test Preparation

⇒ Download the Accuplacer Sample Questions for Students (Math: Pages 8-14).

⇒ Understand the Test Format:

  • There are three math placement test levels:
    • Arithmetic
    • Elementary Algebra
    • College Level Math
  • The math placement test is based upon student responses during the pre-test questionnaire; questionnaire responses ultimately determine which math test a student takes.
  • The math placement test is adaptive, meaning that the questions become harder as the test taker progresses so to assess subject skill level.

⇒ Highly Recommended: Sumbit your OFFICIAL high school transcript to Admissions & Records for more accurate placement.

Choosing Your Math Placement Test Level & Your Educational Goals
  • First time placement test takers, and students who have not taken math courses recently, are advised to allow the pre-test questionnaire to determine which test level to take.
  • However, a student can choose the level of math test prior to the start of the test.

Elementary Algebra

By selecting the Elementary Algebra level placement test, the highest placement a student can receive is Math 10: Statistics and/or Math 44: Liberal Arts Math. This placement is appropriate for most social sciences, humanities and libral arts majors.

If you have already tested into and completed Math 10: Statistics, and now need to take high level math courses (Math 48A, Math 1A, etc.), you will need to contact the Dean of Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering for authorization to take a placement test after starting course work.

College Level Math

Students with a goal to place into the PreCalculus sequence (Math 48A, 48B, 48C) or above will need to take the College Level Math test. This placement test level is appropriate for most biologicial sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering majors.

What is your educational goal?
Your educational goal will help you to determine which math level test you should take. Review the Foothill College Math Sequence alongside your educational plan to see which math course(s) you need. If you have questions about the test level, please call the Testing & Assessment Center at 650-949-7743.

Make an Appointment with a Counselor

Reviewing Concepts on Your Placement Test

On-Campus STEM Center Math Placement Test Review

EdReady for Math Placement
Before taking your Math test, it is highly recommended that you complete a review of math concepts. Foothill has partnered with EdReady on this prep tool, which will create a specific and individualized study plan for you based on your math abilities to best prepare you for the math placement test.  This is a free option-it only costs you some time, which may save you time and money in the long run.

General Review
Visit Accuplacer site to access the free online study application. Another great review option is Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a free online resource that provides general review on a variety of topics, including those covered on all of our placement tests.

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