Math Assessment Test Format & Overview

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Required Materials:

  1. Your Foothill Student ID Number
  2. Your Photo ID (Student Card, Driver's License or Passport)


  • Students are prompted to take a pre-test questionnaire that determines which math level a student starts with.
  • The test is adaptive, meaning that the questions will get harder or easier as students move through each level.
  • The test is untimed; however, on average students take one hour to complete the test.
  • No calculators allowed on the test.
  • Assessment testing is not required for enrolling in Math 235

Test Sections:

1) Arithmetic

This section has 17 questions that measure your ability to perform basic arithmetic operations and to solve problems that involve fundamental arithmetic concepts.

2) Elementary Algebra

This section has 12 questions that review operations with integers and rational numbers; algebraic expressions; and the solutions of equations, inequalities, and word problems.

3) College Level Math

This section has 20 questions which assess knowledge of intermediate algebra through precalculus to include: algebraic operations, solutions of equalities and inequalities, coordinate geometry, applications, and functions and trigonometry.

Assessment for Placement into the Math Course Sequence:

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