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Math Placement Test Eligibility

Placement Test VS. Prerequisite Clearance Process

You should take an Math Placement Test at the Testing & Assessment Center if you: You should complete the Admissions & Records Prerequisite Clearance Process if you have:
  • Plan to enroll in a course with a math prerequisite
  • Completed the prerequisite(s) courses at Foothill College within several years
  • Took any prerequisite courses several years ago
    • In general, high school math courses DO NOT meet the prerequisites although AP courses will be considered.
  • Completed equivalent prerequisite(s) courses at another U.S. College or University within several years
  • Don't have any college coursework credit
  • Taken and earned a score of '3' or higher on the following AP courses in high school:
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Calculus BC
  • Taken and earned a score of '3' or higher on the following AP courses in high school:
    • AP Statistics

Prerequisite Clearance Process:

To be cleared for a prerequisite, please complete a prerequisite clearance form and submit the form to Admissions & Records.

Unsure about your Foothill Placement Testing History?

If you have already taken a Chemistry placement test at Foothill College, your placement will be vaild for 365 days.

  • Valid scores will be posted on your Student Tab of MyPortal.

Math Accuplacer Score Transfer

  • Foothill only accepts the raw scores of the Accuplacer College Level Math, Elementary Algebra Math and Arithmetic Math tests.
  • Foothill College does not accept placement test scores from CSUs or UCs.
  • To transfer your Accuplacer Test Scores, please complete the Transfer of Scores process.

Math Test Prep

Before scheduling an appointment with the Testing & Assessment Center:

  • You must complete and submit the Foothill College Application for Admission
  • Review Math Placement Prep Materials
  • Become familiar with the the computerized placement testing for Mathematics
  • You will find pencils, scratch paper and ear plugs inside the testing lab
  • Should you reach a math problem that requires a calcaluator, one will populate on the computer screen
  • Tests are untimed, but in general students take about an hour to complete
  • On the day of your testing appointment, just bring your photo ID and Foothill student ID number

Results & Retest Policy

Math Course Sequence

Expiration of Assessment Results

Assessment results are valid for one (1) year for the date that the score was earned.

Retest Policy

After taking a placement test at Foothill College, students may retake the English, ESL, and/or Math placement tests one (1) time at Foothill College within a six (6) month period of the initial date of a placement; however, students cannot retest in a subject if they have earned a transcriptable grade (passing, or D, F, W, NP or I) in the subject/course sequence in which they are seeking a new placement.


Challenges to placements should be directed to the appropriate Division Office.

Math: Dean of Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering (PSME)

Foothill College Placement Testing Retest Policy - Updated July 1, 2015

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Placement Testing is available by appointment only.

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All you need to bring to your appointment is 1) a photo ID and 2) your Foothill student ID number. Everything else (pencils, calculators, etc.) is provided for you.

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