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Caution: New Traffic Signal at Campus Entrance
Slow Down & Watch for Pedestrians
Campus Loop Road
February 03, 2014
Archive Story

To add more safety features to the campus, crews have activated a traffic signal at the campus entrance near Lot 1. Slow down, watch for pedestrians and obey the traffic signal. 

The speed limit on Campus Loop Road is 20 miles per hour; the speed limit is 5 miles per hour in all campus parking lots. Speed limits are strictly enforced and citations are issued by the Foothill-De Anza Police Department.

All traffic and parking regulations are enforced at all times. It is your responsibility to be aware of on-campus parking and driving regulations. Parking tickets and traffic violations issued at Foothill College or De Anza College by Foothill-De Anza Police are legal citations that cannot be canceled by the college administration. Learn more about Foothill's traffic regulations and enforcement.

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Check this link for additional information:

Special Notice: Speed limit is 5 mph in all parking lots, 20 mph on the campus roadway. Speed limits are strictly enforced and citations are issued.

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