Bernata Slater
Bernata Slater
VP of Educational Resources & Instruction
(650) 949-7364

Brenda Davis-Visas
Brenda Davis-Visas
Director of Facilties & Special Projects
(650) 949-7033

Art Heinrich
Art Heinrich
Bond Director
(650) 949-6295

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Construction areas are considered the property of the contractors. Please heed all warning signs and do not enter construction areas.
Construction start and completion dates are subject to change.

What is Measure C?

On June 6, 2006, voters in the Foothill-De Anze Community College District's service area approved by a 65.69% margin a $490.8 million bond (Measure C).

This measure will enable the District to:

  • Upgrade electrical, heating, ventilation systems, fire/seismic safety;
  • Repair leaky roofs';
  • Improve disabled access;
  • Repair/expand classrooms';
  • Upgrade technology; and
  • Repair, construct, acquire, equip buildings, classrooms, libraries, sites, science/computer labs.

Read the 2012-2013 annual report to the community. Visit the Measure C Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee website for additional information

Measure C Design Projects
  • Campus Center Dining Room Flooring Replacement
  • Campus Center Painting
  • Loop Road Resurfacing
  • Main Data Room Expansion

Measure C Design Projects On Hold
  • B1300 Fine Arts Scene Shop
  • PE Pool Storage Room
  • Plant Services Building/Yard
  • Print Shop

Measure C Construction Projects
  • DOB Renovation
  • Sewer CIPP Lining
  • Fire Alarm Phase III
  • Foothill-De Anza Education Center
  • Gas Meter Relocation/Replacement
  • Library
  • Repair & Upgrade Miscellaneous Projects - Signage Phase II
  • Smithwick Hardware Replacement
  • Smithwick Painting
  • Tennis Court Renovation

Measure C Construction Update
Fall 2014
Location Changes

Foothill College is wrapping up a multi-year construction program which renovated, remodeled and rebuilt many of the campus facilities. Some buildings are temporarily closed for renovation. Use this bulletin to identify new locations for recently relocated programs and personnel offices.

  • Disability Resource Center from B5997 to B5400
  • Library from B3500 to B3600
  • Library Technical Services from B3500 to B5960A (parking lot 6)
  • Media Center from B3600 to B5941 (parking lot 5)
  • Pass The Torch from B3500 to B5912 (parking lot 5)
  • Teaching & Learning Center from b3500 to B5911
  • Carmela Xuerb & Veteran’s Resource Center from Room 2014 to B5400, Room 5401
  • Phuong Tran, Internship Services, from Room 1945 to B5400 Room 5418
Measure C Construction Update Fall 2014
Completed Projects
  • Buildings 5100, 5400, 5600, 5700, 5800
  • Library Swingspace
  • Parking & Circulation Phase II
  • Smithwick Emergency Generator
  • PE Building Bird Remediation & Painting
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