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Fine Arts and Communication                                    (650) 949-7318
Classes meet six weeks unless otherwise indicated.

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Survey of contemporary issues in photography. Critical theory and other issues surrounding contemporary photographic practices are explored through the style and content of work by selected contemporary photographers. Censorship, copyright, appropriation, and other current issues affecting the contemporary photographer are discussed. The interplay of traditional and digital photography and how it affects our concepts of truth, reality, society, and culture. The honors course offers an enriched and challenging experience for the more talented student, including deeper content, more rigorous grading, and more demanding and creative assignments requiring application of higher-level thinking, writing, and communication skills.
Prerequisite: Honors Institute participant.
Advisory: Not open to students with credit in PHOT 11 or 59.
Repeatability: Not Repeatable.
3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory. (72 hours total per quarter.)
GE Area: Humanities
Transferability: CSU and UC
Not scheduled for the Summer quarter.

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