Tutoring Sevices

Tutoring Services

Online tutoring is available throught the Foothill Language Arts Teaching and Learning center and through OpenStudy which is an online learning community.

Online Tutoring at Foothill College

The Teaching and Learning Center offers online Reading and Writing support for students who are enrolled in online courses.

On-campus Tutoring at the STEM Success Center at Foothill College

The STEM Success Center offers a place to study and get help with mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, engineering and biology. Instructors are scheduled throughout the day to help students one-on-one, and workshops are offered throughout the week.

Off-Campus Tutoring

Foothill College is partnering with OpenStudy to offer you additional learning support. OpenStudy is an online learning community where you can get help from peers, 24/7, for free. Watch the OpenStudy video!

  • To get help, please click on the green Get Live Help button below. You will be taken OpenStudy and asked to register.
  • Please complete a user profile by creating an Open Study username and be sure to include Foothill College as your school.
  • After registration is completed, join the Mathematics study group. There you can post your questions in the left hand column or participate in the chat by clicking on the chat bar at the bottom. You can also join the other OpenStudy groups for help in other subjects.

    Can't log in or having other issues with OpenStudy?

    Contact OpenStudy: contact@openstudy.com
Last Updated October 29, 2015
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