Useful Info


~ Instructions about using MyPortal to manage rosters

~ Faculty can use MyPortal to -
  • Submit Drop/Withdrawal requests
  • Submit grades
  • Accept contracts
  • Generate Add Codes
  • Print rosters
  • Download printable versions of -
    • Part-time Faculty Paid Office Hours form
    • Incomplete Contract form
    • Grade-change form

Get Help

For assistance from A&R,
call 650-949-7325 or send email to

For assistance from Foothill Global Access, contact Akemi Ishikawa at 650-949-7446

Guide for Online Faculty

Fully Online AND Hybrid Classes

Both Etudes and non-Etudes courses

  • Make all required digital course content accessible per ADA Section 508 requirements (e.g., captioning for videos).
    • Explain how to login to your course site
    • Explain how attendance is determined for purposes of dropping for non-attendance
    • State any dates/times that you require students to be on campus and/or take proctored exams

Etudes courses only

    • Your live Etudes course site will be set up about 4 weeks prior to the upcoming quarter/session, depending on when you made your request. You will receive an email notice about this in your email account.
  • Unpublish your Etudes course site until you are ready for students to login
  • Use Import from Site to copy content from an old Etudes course site to your new live Etudes course site, if desired. For instructions, go to the Etudes tutorial about Import from Site. (NOTE: a tool needs to be "enabled" in both sites in order for Import from Site to work for that tool.)
  • Check to be sure that the dates/deadlines set for your Modules and assessments are accurate for the upcoming quarter. Use Set Base Date, if desired. For instructions, go to the Etudes tutorial about Set Base Date.
  • Your roster will be loaded into your course site on the Thursday before the quarter/session starts.
    • The rosters in Etudes course sites are refreshed twice each day, at around 5 am and 2 pm, throughout the quarter to match actual course enrollments in Banner.
  • Publish your Etudes course site no later than 10 am of the first day of quarter/session

Fully Online Classes ONLY

  • Send Welcome message and/or login instructions to students who have added your course since you first sent out your Welcome message
  • Students can request Add Codes for late registration in your course via MyPortal. If you don’t want students to be able to submit requests for Add Codes via MyPortal, see instructions.
  • You can give Add Codes via MyPortal to students prior to the start of the quarter/session however students cannot use those codes to enroll until the first day of the quarter/session.

Attendance Documentation

The 2010 Resolution by Foothill College Faculty Academic Senate states (See Foothill Senate Definition of Attendance for Online Courses):
"In compliance with federal requirements to document student attendance in online classes, faculty must record a weekly academically related activity such as discussion forum posting, online quiz, reflection, assignment, exam, email, field trip, telephone call or electronic communication at least through week 7 or the drop with W deadline for each student in an online class.  This is in line with our commitment to best practices of Regular, Timely and Effective Student/Faculty Contact as approved by the Faculty Senate and submitted by faculty on the "Course Approval Application for Online/Distance Learning Delivery" and vital to students receiving financial aid."
The 2011 Faculty Handbook states:
"It is the student's responsibility to officially drop a class after notifying the instructor. Students should be reminded of this early in the quarter. If, however, a student does not officially drop a class, the instructor should drop the student when, in the judgment of the instructor, the student has ceased to attend class or when the number of absences prevent the student from meeting the objectives of the course. For financial aid and international visa status purposes, students must be attending the course regularly, as well as contributing in an academically appropriate manner, to remain in a course. Note: The date of last attendance should be the date the instructor decides to drop a student in accordance with the instructor's attendance policy and not the date the student last attended class."

Census Verification

Verifying Census is a state requirement for which the college is audited annually. It is very important that instructors first drop any students who have not attended the class before the Census Date, and then click on the "Sign Census" button on that date. For a twelve week class the Census Date is the third Monday of the quarter. See detailed instructions about Reporting Census.

Regular and Effective Contact

The Foothill College Academic Senate has formulated the following best practices and guidelines for Regular, Timely and Effective Student/Faculty Contact in online/distance education courses:
"Faculty must provide substantive feedback within a reasonable time as outlined in the course syllabus. Faculty/Student Communication Process including the timeframe for faculty response to student communications. A response time of 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday is desirable but may vary based on course requirements and extenuating circumstances. It must be clear whether or not the instructor will be available after hours or on weekends and holidays."